Lisa Garner -A Lady with A Big Heart Supports Rescue by Tiffany Belle Harper

On the 22nd of August 2015 I attended a Wetnose Fun Day Event held in Worcester at Worcester Event House. A wonderful day where proceeds were raised for smaller rescue.

Lisa Garner

An added bonus to meet ‘Lisa Garner’ (owner of pet boutique Little Pooch) who’s been a long standing online companion. We’ve supported many of the same causes yet never actually collided. I commend the work that Lisa does and it was a joy to be invited to her home to meet her entourage of fluffy ones.

Lisa has adopted a little pooch named Annabelle, whom she found at a rescue whilst helping out a friend. Annabelle was an ex puppy mill dog and her story broke my heart.

Found huddled in a cage at rescue, trembling. She’d spent the first years of her life in a crate so small her back was arched. She’d never been handled or experienced ordinary life as a dog with love. She’d been continually bred and fortunate to have found her way to rescue. Many breeding animals are destroyed when they are surplus to requirements.

Here’s me and Lisa with Annabelle and her gorgeous hounds. She’s only been held by people for 3 months having spent 7 years in a cage not big enough for her. How awful dogs are left to suffer this way. Simply wrong. But a happy ending here. She is a darling!

Consider all facts when buying from some ‘breeders.’

Annabelle has quickly adapted to her new home with her extended family. Lisa telling me that she’s like a new dog by comparison to her former self. The other dogs are very protective of Annabelle. She won’t let Lisa out of her sight. They’ve formed such a special love bond. When she is handled the look on her face is a mixture of joy and bewilderment as she’s not experienced being held/cuddled before now.

She’s fairly new to Lisa’s tribe only been away from cages for around 3 months.

Lisa has another dog that I’ve fallen for whose won the heart of thousands and is quite the star. Lucy the rescue Cavalier. Lucy is epileptic and relies on medication, not good on her feet. She is the most loving tiny hound I’ve come across. She will stumble across the floor to get on your lap for a bit of love and makes the cutest sqeeky noises.

lucyLucy is tiny for her breed. Her page must have been so confined she wasn’t able to grow. It’s all so sad and shocking yet adorable Lucy has a happy ending.

lucy1Pictured above is the little princess with her sad tale.

Lucy Cavalier has her own Facebook page where all of the hounds are mentioned and there’s little film snippets and pictures of their daily life too. Many tell Lisa that she brings joy to their day with her pet tales and uplifting chit chat.

One lady telling Lisa that due to having cancer she is not able to keep her own pets so the Lucy Cavalier Facebook page is a heart line for her. Pets are indeed perfect for therapy on so many levels. Links to this at the foot of the page.

Lisa raises money for causes and has composed her own book about Lucy that has already sold over 200 copies without any outside support or advertising. Plus Lisa designs and manufacturers her own calendar’s each year featuring Lucy Cavalier. Lisa told me that she gives all of the profits directly to the causes that she supports without making any personal gain for herself. A refreshing circumstance.

Lisa does a lot of fundraising for PupAid a large organisation that raises awareness against cruel Puppy Farming. Please take a look at what they do further below. Pupaid host an annual event at Primrose Hill in London. Stay tuned!

It was lovely to meet Lisa in person after all these years of chatting online. I wasn’t disappointed. She’s a treasure to the animal kingdom. Lisa has also run celebrity auctions for Wetnose Animal Aid and helped us raise awareness. I’m a volunteer at Wetnose Animal Aid supporting Andrea Gamby-Boulger. Our aim to raise money so that we can help smaller animal rescues who need us. Regardless of where in the world they are, so please look at our website to find out more.

4AnimalsRights Twitter

Wetnose Animal Aid

Lucy Cavalier on Facebook

Little Pooch Boutique

PupAid (against Puppy Farming)

Tiffany Belle Harper


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