Mannequins and Vintage

I used to design my own mannequins and have them manufactured in China. Sometimes I had as many as 4 x 40 ft shipment containers come to the UK. I did stage shows with them and worked with Manumission a couple of times.

They were on TV often as props. I loved the work.

So when I moved to Leeds I got a shop and tried to sell them off. But it became more like a museum and people came from all over to see my mannequins and furniture. I also did decoupage. Also, I was one of the first women to bring plus size mannequins in to the UK.  I am fortunate to be very creative.  Not great with words, but my mind is as sharp as a tack.

But sadly I was attacked in Warwick at the end of 2009, it came as a shock. I nearly lost my life. It worried my sons.  So as I had left Warwick to start a new life I was not in a good place and my children helped me enormously. Eventually we sold the mannequins. (Thanks to the Bradford community but this is another story, a lovely one.)  It’s fair to say, I am missing my mannequins, busts, tailors dummies and display heads and the work involved, but they take up a lot of storage space and it was a big task.  I had my own warehouse in Warwick. I hired my stock out too. I used to make a lot of money. I had 3 houses. I was focused. Then my world fell apart.

But I am going to be ‘me’ again. I am already,  I just need to find a way now to shine and be my ‘true’ self in this crazy world.

You can never go back. I won’t sell mannequins on that scale again but I will have some in my space. I will continue with my vision and I wish to recruit people with special needs. I will also have burlesque evenings for women of all sizes and shapes. I will be in love.. I will be shining and I am focused on executing this with precision. It is not about the money. It is about peace of mind. Tiffany Belle Harper.

You know, looking back I wonder how I ever got tangled up in some of the dramas that are not my circus. But the animal work I do has been fabulous.

I am ready more than ever to fuck off from the social media box and get back on it. It’s been a nightmare. Quite frankly I’ve been stalked by the same tedious little man for almost four years who has a partner that’s aware of it and has done nothing to hit the breaks. This man knew of my troubles, poverty, destitution and I would tell him my ideas and inspire. He used them to his own advantage and I believe I have been to the real ‘hell’ and back.

Result = I am ‘even’ stronger than before and I am totally in touch with my spirituality and faith. It feels really dynamic. Thanks to the darkness for sending me back to the good side. I’d recommend it to anyone. During this time (that has not gone unnoticed by the way…) Despite me not confiding. I have also made some beautiful friends for which will be in my life for eternity. They know who they are. It’s mutual.

My oppressors better get out of my way. I AM COMING !!

Tiffany Belle Harper. X