Meditation for Self and Inner Creativity plus #video

Here is a simple meditation technique to escape ‘for a while’ from mainstream expectations and social pressure in the comfort of your own mind. Reminding us we are all unique and have our own crafts and skills to cultivate for our own peace of mind and inner balance.

Little Fishes hidden in Bark.

Whether this is writing, creating art, dancing, speaking in public or setting up groups in our communities. We can do whatever it is our soul so desires for ‘self.

Explore your crafts and leave your footprints. You are great!

We have more than we realise. We have nature and it’s waiting to teach us. So let’s stop killing and be awake. We can do this. We unite in so many ‘other’ ways. Love is timeless and our positive energy interacts with greater intensity than hate and ignorance.

We do not need permission to be ‘self.’

Tiffany Belle Harper.