Success is Obsolete – Be Love by Tiffany Belle Harper

Tiffany Belle Harper

I recently did my Angel Cards for a dear friend named Jacquie. She lives in Doncaster. I trained to do my reiki masters certificate there with her and Angie Ash. Two highly accomplished, wise and dedicated women who take the word ‘awake’ to higher levels for me.

I met Angie and Gomde Hall, a Buddhist retreat, I enjoy, ‘also’ in Doncaster.  There’s a few of us girls who attend workshops over there too. It’s my sort of hub of collectivity.

Video of Me and Angie at Gomde Hall Buddhist Retreat.

During my reading with Jacquie she told me she was glad I was not urging her to push ahead with her career. You see, I feel that a lot of readers assume we are all looking for news that someday we are going to be spectacular. Jacquie had previously been told she should leave her teaching profession and become a…

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