Without Your Phones by Tiffany Belle Harper

Just found a great photographic feature at the foot of this page. Had to share. So typical of today. Sad really.

Just be careful that technology is not a substitute for reality.

Phones don’t hug or give advice for ‘you’ as an individual soul.

You can’t beat a proper kiss and rubbing noses – tickling, eye contact. All the lovely things that cost nothing.

But if you used your phone more often to call those you love instead of seeing what people you will probably never meet in ‘real’ life are doing on Social Media – You’d maybe find a better sense of ‘self’ fulfilment.

ph2Alternatively, don’t have a phone and get a life instead? Or what I’ve done is have a cheap festival  phone that I take out with me in-case of emergency. It’s basically a little thing with a keyboard on the front and no fancy gimmicks – I’d rather use my brain to do that for me.

Tiffany Belle. Harper.

Full Link > People Without Phones