Darth Vader supporter Chewbacca arrested in Ukraine

I admit to having a little giggle at this, as he reminds me of ‘me’. Poor guy, badly handled by police for following his heart. Best friend is ‘Darth Vader’ who wants to be elected. The fluffy pal was fined the equivalent to £5.00.

This is the rare type of person I love to make friends with. Free, funny, a little weird and following his heart.

Quite a sweet tale really! I admit to feeling tearful when they restrained him. Why do this to someone whose only crime is to be different? Yet, this is how we should lead by example. We can all be Chewbaccas!

Read full news bulletin here > Ukraine Arrest

PS I want his costume. Not into Star Wars but getting more and more curious due to the colourful followers of this cult. They seem like an eccentric and amazing bunch of free thinkers!? GOOD LUCK DARTH VADER of Ukraine. You’d get my vote.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

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