I Am Woman

Love this feature together with the finale photo. Made me smile with delight :)x

Svegliati Cara

I went to sleep a woman and woke up Diversity. Double Diversity if you calculate a minority lable on to it.


I have style, I wear style but I do not want to be a label sewed on to my fashion. My views are of a woman, I do not want to be a man or a pet but a woman.
I Am Woman, not Deversity!

I am not a mélange, I can be a lovely mess, but I am woman. I may have varience with my enemies,  but  I am woman.



A spider painstankingly spinns an intricate web to insnare its dinner, and then it can take its time devouring it, waiting until hunger strikes. This is a great example of ensnaring women into a new label, one that will fit society. They always want us to be fitted into society like a mortar in a wall seen, but…

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