Wrong Tickets – Ruined A Gift (daydreaming) by Tiffany Belle Harper.

Feeling pretty rough, drove to Yorkshire to take sons to see Alt J at The Arena for xmas. Long jaunt. Arrived at house – eldest son in tow. He’s a very sensitive soul. I sleep on the floor in my lounge as my dogs are not allowed upstairs, due to selling the house and having new carpet, I decided that I should keep the rest of the rooms in a virgin like state. (I am too ‘prolifically’ in the zone. A state of celibacy … consciousness.)

My dog Foley is 20 years young on the 29th December. He spends most time sleeping and the steep stairs often catch his legs. So as he has spent his life taking care of me, to sleep downstairs is no sacrifice. We’re near the front door when he needs the loo.


Please note I do have a rather posh memory foam mattress and a high tog luxury duvet … My days of destitution are behind me. I shall never stop appreciating even the smaller things in life. A vintage tea-spoon, natural shampoo, sell by dates.

My sons are like chalk and cheese. It can be like a juggling act when we are together.

So sleeping in the attic was not good for my eldest. It’s cold up there in the roof. With the wind the outside flap to the fan bangs sporadically throughout the night. He didn’t sleep well. This resulted in him being a little moody as he does like his comforts.

We turn up at the concert to find I brought tickets for the London Ballet for which I take my mum later in the month. The correct ones being by my bed in Warwick. I ruined the night! Box office notifying me there’s no way to get replacements from Axa. Hey ho … ggrrrrr.

All of the commotion and clear disappointment from my sons. We decided to stay home with a take-away where I caught up with online friends and my boys, sharing snippets of YouTube through my Panasonic TV – Bose banging base. A whirlwind of catching up … ha-ha.

I love my private FB page that I chat with friends and enjoy my site here. Yet Twitter is so stagnant. I like to wind things up. The majority of people seem so behind on that platform? Perhaps, like me and so many others, they’re sick of the main stream mundane shit on it? About time … yawn. I do intend on setting up a media site specifically for ‘off the wall’ quotes and alternative tunes. But I won’t be in a hurry as I’ve targets already.

I actually feel a little better today. Still not 100% but one day at a time. Woo Hoo! I’ve some snagging to do at my house before returning to Warwick. Polyfilla and smear stick at the ready. Lost the right word for it .. That flat spatula type thing.

Love, family is everything and where we’d all like to save the world. The epicentre of well-being is ‘indeed’ at home. Wherever that may be. Recent weeks have taught me that nothing matters more than our initial sanctuary. Get the balance of ‘the comfort origin’ right and the rest follows – with a strength to continue.

Self Love – Love Nest – Better Times …

Still on track – goals in place … small steps.

Thanks to friends for well wishes. It really has helped. We all get our off spells. I realise now that showing our weak points is a quality not weakness. We should all feel able to admit to our imperfect states with absolute confidence.

It unites to reveal we’re simply ‘nomads’ on this wonderful journey through our galactic individualistic crusade with a never ending time and travel agenda – the infinite is our task master.

Hope to return to Warwick in couple of days to continue ‘our’ plans for 2016. Already got so many ideas. It’s a magnificent bubbling pot. Be warned, not going to worry too much about being grown up. But we’ll  be in a no barred state of approach … I think ‘you’ll’ understand …

Now it’s time for breakfast. It will be one slice of beans on toast (granary bread.) A cup of posh coffee. Slightly more indulgent than normal but I am taking care of myself. I’ll be up my ladder within the hour. I assure you, my next home I will not be alone. I am done with setting me unrealistic goals. It’s better as two. I yearn to splash paint – laugh at trailed DIY imperfection. Oh dear … what a year. I’ve a flat to sort out next … step this way.

Been looking in to container conversions. It’s such a broad subject I don’t want to give too much away here without a full account of my vision.

Finally some absolutely awesome tunes out there. Here’s Feder. Also look out for MNEK. Big, I hope for 2016. New, fresh … Love Adele’s new CD ’25’ but very similar to ’21.’ Shame. She’s made a mint! I do wish music were judged purely on merit. So much talent out there.

And an older one I found, like this too. Nu.


Love Tiffany Belle Harper. X

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