Please Support Smaller Rescue and be Cautious of Mainstream Charity by Tiffany Belle Harper

Wetnose Animal Aid is a small non-profit cause based in Norfolk – United Kingdom, supporting rescue and volunteers throughout the UK and overseas. It was a dream that materialised when founders Andrea Gamby-Boulger and husband- the late Gavin (who passed January 2015) decided it was time to be a bigger voice for ‘smaller’ rescue.


Many smaller causes have little or no voice in society. With limited funds they are often over-burdened with the influx of increasingly high numbers of injured and abandoned animals.

We see glossy TV adverts showing designer dog type hounds for the larger charities and a professional online approach where often they resort to paying celebrity names for a mention. All of this has a devastating effect on the ground workers who usually do more yet receive less.

Large Charities are sadly – often a complexed, contrive and corrupt difficulty. Where in many cases over 60% of the profits do not go to the heart of the cause.

We as ‘public’ must start asking questions before we hand over our hard earned pennies. And in my experience of volunteer work it is often those who don’t have ‘wealth’ that give most. Yet I can assure you, all of the funds you donate to Wetnose Animal Aid go immediately to the causes and rescues that need our help most.

I also applaud The Animal Team who do such fantastic work. A charity that I have connected with closely for some years and have positive history with the team who are dedicated to re-homing animals and being the gap between rescue and volunteers. All of these links can be found at the foot of the page. Plus if you are looking for a new pet, do look at their register that represents many smaller rescues.


Then we have advertising websites like GumTree that allow breeders and pet owners to let animals go to homes without  home checks or validation that the new owners are going to provide a good home for the pet. Thus, many of these animals end up in rescue. Or worse, they get dumped and left to die.

Wetnose Animal Aid have worked with and educated rescue around the world to include Afghanistan, where school children were given footballs in replacement of puppies and kittens. They had not been taught that animals have feelings and under-go pain.

Many cultures and religious organisations do not yet understand the importance of animal welfare and it is the duty of me, causes such as Wetnose Animal Aid, The Animal Team and other campaigners (like you) to try and change this.

I believe that if we can begin to understand the beauty of our animal kingdom, in turn we will learn to love one another in new and better ways.

I am sick of all the hatred in the world. The anger, competitions and world media that clouds the reality of what most of us want to share more than anything – Love.

Please join me and support Andrea of Wetnose Animal Aid who, against many odds has continued her vision to be a voice for smaller rescue, despite losing her soul mate and husband ‘Gavin Gamby-Boulger’ earlier this year. His legacy, to raise the awareness of smaller rescues and save more lives of animals. Andrea and Gavin, experts in this field having ran their own rescue for over 14 years- inspiring the idea for Wetnose Animal Aid. .


On behalf of me and the people who support Wetnose Animal Aid we wish Andrea, her children and the animals a peaceful Christmas and beautiful 2016. May all your dreams come true.

All mentions are can be found in the links below.

Tiffany Belle Harper

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The Animal Team Facebook

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