Girl Power – Greedy People – Jesus by Tiffany Belle Harper

Christmas baffles me ‘mostly.’

Black Friday where people stamp over one another.

Expensive cakes that we could make ourselves.

Greedy families who spend forthcoming months paying off debt for surplus packaging.

Not enough doing crucial work in their communities with causes and smaller charity and of course the homeless. (Which is what I do each year for a couple of days. Not long enough I know – but it helps.)

Obesity peaks for the privileged.

Kids and pets choking on bits out of crackers.

Yet it is beautiful for the children who realise it’s all about family, goodwill and a humble spirit – lessons taught to us by Jesus through the holy spirit – the divine.  A shaman of peace and love who celebrated life on a day to day basis. No desire for material wealth or egotistical recognition. A healer with little popularity til after his death. A death caused by greed and ego. A cyclical trait that comes back to haunt us intermittently.

(Extract from book I hope to finish one day.)

Hello Abi and Gracie – my princesses, a bit naughty today, good work you little darlings.

Happy Solstice.










I love you – Aunty Tiffy x

ps I told Mummy it was me who broke the bunk beds …  Be good for Santa !!!

Tiffany Belle Harper.

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  1. Well aren’t they just a couple o darlings. Lovely post. The original Jesus stories were always the part of christianity that interested me – the beatitudes, the parables. Not all that Ahab begot Jeremiah crap and fire and brimstone horror stories. 2 different messages that grate on each other if you ask me. That original wisdom seems to be a thread that links the main religions together, once you strip all the crap away. Something good to aim for.

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