As we Awaken by Tiffany Belle Harper

As We Awaken.

A Stage in our Lives. We Ascend. We are Awake…

We realise that nobody can give us anything useful. All that we need is within our ‘self.’ We become bored, restless, distracted.

We sort of convert to a hybrid of our former state. Where often, we just can’t wait to remove our self from social situations, to be in our own space. A place to heal and find our ancestors who need us now, more than ever, dwelling in the depths of a dying ocean because of our greed. I tell you!

We can be in a crowded room full of vibrancy, texture and intellect. Yet we wonder whether any of the information or cutting edge design is of spiritual significance?


We join groups and forums, seeking out the like-minded on a psychic path. Yet ‘really’ they’re equally lost in what it is they are looking for.

Spirituality –  a jaded subject. I’ve never seen such competition and enviousness. Where one will claim to be a shaman, another greatest witch of all. Yet in the world of spirit and chi no man can choose a leader. Who are we to claim a higher authority?

We are all simply perfect by design.

We seek solace in religion as we watch animals being sacrificed. Homosexuals condemned. The gays as lepers. Children raped.

We seek fame. To be recognised. Where we become obsessed with gratitude from strangers. Each day seeking mainstream news to see how we looked, as press caught us unaware. Those who rely on fame are the saddest of all. Emotionally tangled. The greatest narcissists.

We wish for posh food, high end dining, yet … when we get the limitless plastic to pay, it all starts to taste the same. Sitting in our stomachs, creating gas with the greed of connoisseur palate.

We become fixated with our size. How will we compare to the more toned and what will our pursuits think if we are not with matching defined sculpture?

We should not be controlled by validation from others. We are free and we are one. Everything is relative. The sun, moon, ocean, the ground …

Yet we become enslaved to a life, where nothing satisfies the soul.

That is until we realise that ‘love is everything.’

Love being infinite, our only weapon. The redemption of our ways.

We must learn that ‘boredom’ is often ‘time to be awake.’ To find keys to ‘the chi.’

To no longer seek lessons, where there are no masters to teach.

For, The Divine is never apart from our true core value.

It does not matter if you know not of reference to faiths, philosophies, techniques and tradition. Fuck that! You are free to choose your path to your own salvation. So walk freely, with what works for you best.

Yes, truly, ‘Love is Everything.’ Do not be afraid to admit you pray and be proud to say amen. You are heard.


Tiffany Belle Harper

17 thoughts on “As we Awaken by Tiffany Belle Harper

  1. A profound post. Love readin your thoughts, and there were plenty of thoughts I agree with. Love is everything. When a person finally realizes that love, happiness, and self love are everything, life changes. Great post. Sneding you all my hugs.

      1. Yes I have realised I have spent too many years helping others who do not do much for me. Thing are going to change! I deserve my voice and thanks to you I have got more confidence to write. Thanks for your encouragement and ongoing support. You will never know how much you have helped me to value myself. I shall never be bullied again and I am not going to be so kind to those who already have their voice out there. X

      2. TRUE FRIENDSHIP is priceless. It has become a rare a piece of artwork. Today, there is so much envy and hate. But I can see through the social media noise, and recognize I have discovered a special person in you.

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