‘The Ego Maniac’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

The only way to eradicate a bully from your life is to remove your ‘self’ from situations that enable the wrong energy to gauge on the positive.

Bullies seek the vulnerable. This is why that although it would be great to be a completely free spirit, we need our allies. A unity of love that is unbreakable.

Whilst being empathetic towards a bully (as they need help in most cases) we should not feel sympathy or any emotion that will encourage further progression of worthless actions.

Turn a cheek, walk away. Their idle minds will find new places to play. And sadly new targets. Don’t be afraid to name and shame to your circle. Make those you trust aware of what you are going through.

Tiffany Belle Harper.


9 thoughts on “‘The Ego Maniac’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

  1. Something I hate with a passion is bullying.
    I have no time for it at all. I may take the mick out of folks but they do it to me and all is fair but the minute something looks like bullying I will always do something and step in. I am quite a lucky guy, I was bullied at school and learnt there and then that it was not acceptable so have lived my life picking out the bullies and shutting them up.

    1. True Cameron. The most cowardly thing a person can do is hide behind online social outlets to seek out those who are vulnerable. There are people closing down from social activities just to save pain. Others sitting on the fence. Twitter for example is a time bomb. Watch it explode. It will, of that I am sure. New laws should be implemented, and fast x

      1. We live and learn and I believe most people are good. Although many lack an emotional intelligence to see that we can all change this if we unite in love until the bad people have no teams behind them.

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