‘Forgiveness’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

Forgiveness is an act that works both emotionally ‘within’ and productively in our outer world. Carrying around anger is a destructive cycle. I admit to being a victim of my own resentment at intervals in my life.

When hostility manifests itself, it usually derives from a misunderstanding somewhere, that was not nipped in the bud during early stages. We often overlook these signs and actions, or cultivate the rivalry to grow further.

This can be because we become emotionally attached to the situation and one or both parties start to engage in negative battles. Yet if we are able to find constructive ways to adopt during our relationships with others, we can then build healthy bridges that could improve our life experiences as friends and/or teams  … however we are connected.

We do have to accept in life, we simply cannot get on with everybody. We’re all a mixed bunch – but it’s also true that opposites can attract. So it’s a case of finding a balance of having the right people around us – in that we have a range of company, allowing us to grow as individuals.

I’m on a life journey where I have let go of much I was attached to. I still love my friends and family. I care for my pets. But I was carrying baggage that I knew I had to relinquish. Being victim to a physical attack can create a fear that builds a shell around our delicate anatomy. It would be fair to say that for several years now, I’ve not been the real me …

Initially, way back in 2009/2010 I lost my confidence, cutting off a lot of people that were so special to me. I did this because I’d detached a part of my ‘self’. I am a deep thinker and I admit I allowed my thoughts to take over productive actions, by spending way too much time searching for temporary solutions on the internet.

When we go online there is a wall between reality and illusion. This is why I always suggest to people that form bonds, they meet and allow that friendship to develop in a natural form alongside the virtual.

Life is precious, we should not allow or insecurities to create battles that could otherwise lead to love or lessons that are going to aid our progress as people.

It’s so important to learn that whilst we are able to inspire, we should also be inspired. I suppose because, for a while, that became years … It all seems like such a blur right now. I gave myself to inspire, often forgetting I first need to fix myself. It drained me of my own healing resources.

The journey I’ve been on has been painful, frightening, soul searching and frankful. But I am still walking forward with a wisdom that I’ve paid a price for. Yet this time has only validated that we are with a higher source. A beautiful light that never leaves our side. Strengthened by faith. For those who do not feel this, please find your truth, for it awaits us all.

I want to forgive my attacker and the mental cruelty that I have experienced from a small few along the way. I want to love you unconditionally. Life is sweet, quite beautiful. Nature is staggering. Forgiveness is the key to happiness and seeing just how spectacular all of our journeys can be. So please join me today and forgive your enemies. That they may forgive us. May we love unconditionally.

I also wish to apologise for my sometimes defensive attitude, this is something I am working on. To say sorry to those who have hurt me, as I have them.

At this point in my life. I’ve no ongoing battles, no axe to grind, no animosity. This hasn’t always been the case. It is a personal pledge to myself to try and keep it this way. I want to build friendships that can benefit the purpose of my existence. Love, unity and collaboration are a must to find happiness.


(Extract from my book that I’m writing)


Tiffany Belle Harper.

7 Comments on “‘Forgiveness’ by Tiffany Belle Harper”

  1. Forgiveness is a healer. It is the antidote to hatred. Somehow it works thru compassion. The most striking example I can give, is when one of the twins who was experimented upon by the nazis doctor Mengele, said that she forgave that Nazis. She exemplifies how to douse the fire of anger, stopping it in it’s tracks. Perhaps it is easier said than done. Take care.

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