‘The Open Mind see’s Magic’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

All around us we have synchronicities – signs, symbols, colours that connect with our inner self and it really is quite amazing when we tap into this and start to discover that many of the answers we seek from others, indeed lies within our own self. This is something that fascinates me.

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time speaking with my eldest son. His name is Ashley and we do clash from time to time, because we’re so very similar. We’re both quite strong minded, yet deeply sensitive. Ashley recently bought a pub in Leamington Spa and turned it back into a house. It’s the old part of town with plenty of history. I love to visit and sometimes we talk for hours about life consciousness, conspiracies and on …

My son always says he’s not a conspirator, but more of a sceptic and is fascinated by history, politics and beliefs. He really is very interesting and I’ve learnt with time, it’s better to be friends with your children than a dictator, as they grow. We can learn so much from them if we slow down to listen.

There is indeed magic all around us and I’ve never enforced my spirituality on my children although they have had a humble upbringing, where I hope I have taught them enough to know that there is a balance between mind body and soul and it is through only this balance that we can find a harmony from within our self.

I’ve told them to never fear who they are, or be afraid to discuss openly what it is they enjoy on a spiritual level. For if the people around them do not want to hear, they are indeed not in the right circles. Less is more …

I recently made a short video during my last visit to Leamington Spa and sometimes through making videos and taking photographs, we capture something we may have initially missed in the blink of an eye – a small light in the sky, a rainbow, a treasured moment with nature. That’s why I love to be here with this blog, so I can share little snippets of my life with people that matter to me …

Here’s the video, the quality is shaky due it being taken with an old little camera.

Recently my son was sitting in his garden working with chi,meditating. He looked up and saw what he described as a wing in the sky in an array of beautiful colours.  Indeed when I look at these two photographs that he sent me I see the picture. It’s beautiful. We should never dismiss the signs of nature or wait for someone else to validate them. We should be thankful for such signs. Everything is perfect. 


I am very proud of the men in my life. They’re all a balance of yin and yang. I am blessed.


Tiffany Belle Harper

2 thoughts on “‘The Open Mind see’s Magic’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

  1. Enjoyed reading this post of your relationship with your son very much.
    So glad I decided to spend a few minutes more and watch the video. Well done. Thank you for sharing.

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