Ten Rules of ‘Fake Fame’ Perpetrator and Victim by Tiffany Belle Harper

The Perpetrator:-


  1. Denial of depression and obsession
  2. See even the good as ‘just’ opportunity
  3. Steal ideas and context with no shame
  4. Compete without conscience
  5. See money as religion
  6. Sacrifice consciousness
  7. Create false self instigated PR campaigns
  8. Deny soulful acts unless beneficial to self
  9. Crave delight with mainstream persona
  10. Live, sleep, breath ego and narcissism

The Victim:-


  1. Niave and giving with good intent
  2. Open hearted with pure thought
  3. Appear trusting and foolish to the egotistical
  4. Love openly as religion
  5. Often lacking self confidence
  6. Dislike lies and insincerity
  7. Live humbly or with wealth equally
  8. Expect little by return or condition
  9. An understanding of mind, body, soul
  10. Believe in kindness and unity in all

But I suppose this depends on conscience and what happens when we unite once more with the boundless energy of universal guidance. Who really is the ‘victim?’ Because to me, he who does not come from love will struggle to rise with only deceit as his wings. So for any who are being drained of the negative, stand above it. Rise only with your skills from a place of truth, clarity and absolute love. Fight for your causes with the passion of light and fight hard. Turn your back on the stagnant that attaches itself to you. Love is everything. It does not require as much as we think. For all that we do is being recorded in the halls of much more than this. From every aspect of who we are and who we were and of course, who we will be.

Please, choose your friends wisely for they may not be with your best interest as you are them.


Tiffany Belle Harper.


9 thoughts on “Ten Rules of ‘Fake Fame’ Perpetrator and Victim by Tiffany Belle Harper

  1. Love is everything.
    It quietens the mind, steels the soul and drives life.
    Brings peace where there is hate and offers life where there is only death and turmoil.
    I try to live in love and generosity and when I do it fills my soul. I am still learning for sure but each day is better and easier than the last and a million miles away from the quite terrible person I could be at times all of these years ago….

      1. I think you are right to express these feelings and share to unload. It is better for our wellbeing if we don’t harbour our pain and ill feelings. If you honestly think you need to retreat then I am 100% behind that notion. It helps to rebuild our feeling of self by indulging in self. I am not talking about buying crap I am talking about giving ourselves time to ourselves so that we might process and overcome our feelings. I plan to do the same soon, maybe one day next week when I see an opening I shall simply down tools and do nothing.
        Oh such bliss….!
        I have decided to investigate the Global Retreat Centre which is only 25 minutes from me. It is administered by something called the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University so should be good.
        Remember positive thoughts bring happiness and success.

      2. Really? Well that is a surprise.
        At present I am very involved in a very loving and caring but plutonic relationship with a girl called Emma Jane. She is a couple of years younger and I would describe her as having books in her hand and surrounded by figures because she is a total business lady. Bright and clever, beautiful in body and soul but not interested in relationships of any kind at present.
        Boy do I pick them…!
        You are quite right about me, I have no hidden agenda and what you see is what you get. If I can help someone I will but they must actually need it and not be being selfish. Emma Jane and myself get on like two peas in a pods. We finish each others sentences, we say the same words at the same time we are quite inseparable but there is no romance from her side and I guard myself well when I am with her. Maybe she is the one, maybe it is another but I know I deserve love and happiness so it will come one day….
        I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine who is actually called Jane. She is on her spiritual journey and is a total sweetheart. Would it be okay to pass your details on?

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