#InternationalWomensDay by Tiffany Belle Harper

Just stopped routine chores to write a little something for #InternationalWomensDay. I do feel both men and women have lost their way with one another. We have become disorientated where there is a break down in understanding. Many religions see women as a weaker being. Women rebel against this and new action groups and feminist organisations arise.

But not all men are this way. I worry that women are becoming forever resentful towards men. I have two sons who sometimes find the dating game quite aggressive.

Women are beautiful objects of femininity. We should adore being with the feminine aspects of who we are. However we choose to dress or behave – as long as we are authentic to our ‘self’ is imperative.

There are women who poccess the masculine gene more obviously, this is their entitlement. Other women are forced to wear religious garb. This is not acceptable. However we decide to conduct our ‘self’ in this time should always remain free choice.

Embrace your curves with flowery textiles or wear tomboy denim with pride. But always be true to who you are.


I shall now return to my ironing pile of crumpledness … My priority in life being a tidy, clean home, love and happy pets. Work to me is something that should be enjoyed with the like-minded. It’s all about balance. Not wealth or success but a happy heart and a clean conscience. I’d like to send love to all of the wonderful women in this world today. Quietly, here on my blog. Being heard is not a competition. Less is more.


Tiffany Belle Harper.

21 thoughts on “#InternationalWomensDay by Tiffany Belle Harper

  1. I could not agree more. I love women. I treat them as equal and sometimes am in deference to their better nature.
    This is the 21st century, there is no reason why people cannot simply be free to be who they are so that they may be at peace with themselves and love others more freely.

  2. I love this. Especially the quote about butterflies. On my blog I often compare women to butterflies. Wise men allow a woman to reach her full potential (and soar). There is so much beautiful in a self confident woman. Happy International Woman’s Day. I usually sau be well, but today I will say Be Strong. xoxoxo

    1. That is precious. Glad you’re here whilst I eat my pannini. I want to thank you for your inbiased love and friendship and for giving me the confidence to write and talk. I remember when I joined here I was too shy to enable the comments bar. That’s how used to feeling invisible I was. You’re a wonderful person. Thanks sweet Angel.

      1. Smiling. Yeah, I remember that. There was a post where I wanted to comment and I couldn’t. You are not invisible. And you have a great photographic eye and wonderful writing voice. Thanks for your compliments. Are you fully recovered?

      2. Thanks and I love your poetry and words too. Yes fully recovered, it took time and was pretty horrible. I had 2 drains coming from my head and a lot of stitches, but fortunately by my ears so no scars … If that was the case I would of dealt with it, there’s much worse off. I feel refreshed and ready for spring. However having time out of work and relocating I need to get back into things 🙂

  3. My blood pressure tends ascend when I read the trollish/sexist comments from male inadequates who can only hide behind the smoke of the net. My wife, two daughters and daughter-in-law are all beautiful (no not like Magazine Cover stuff- I mean true beauty), intelligent and brave. Had to say that for starters!
    But we are all people on one planet. And to denigrate a gender (playful banter accepted of course*) is tawdry. I can’t speak for women, but will say that men who do this are not men in my book, just beings with reproductive organs on the outside.

    PS: being of a ‘certain’ age I still reserve the right to hold a door open for a lady .

    * example of banter: Shopping- Our house. My wife says men are ok at shopping but can’t work without a list or use initiative. I say this may be true, but we have the better organised trollies- three of us ‘lads’ actually discussed this in all seriousness one day at work.

    OK I’m rambling. Done now.
    Take care.
    Best wishes

      1. Thank you. Women have a voice and it needs to be used.
        Onwards. Never look back.

        Best wishes

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