Ancient Knowledge #Video #Consciousness #SpiritualScience

I must share this video with you.  It’s hugely educational. Very long so please watch in parts if that works better for you. I am dismayed that such education is not taught to the young.

We are vastly misunderstood. And I fear becoming increasingly misled with a science that can run too fast. But there are scientists who work and understand consciousness. Spiritual science knows that we must first go back to move forward. I don’t know how I know, I don’t question it. We should never doubt our intuition, as it works outside the sensories. But Atlantis is the missing link in our ancestry. The first UK point above water being Avalon in Glastonbury. We should not sneer at folk lore or myth. We are born with a knowledge we can tap in to. Especially with our flames.

We don’t need to remember what we find or be articulate in discussion. It’s all about knowing. To simply know. The more we discover, the more we can channel further knowledge. The greatest teachers have gone before us. But they remain to guide the open minded with precision.

It’s so fascinating. Truly amazing when we start to explore nature and what this planet is trying to show us combined with enlightenment and universal flow. Mother Nature is our sanctuary. Ruled by the sun for life and doing and the moon for love and creativity. Or some call this yin and yang. The perfect combination to be at one! I don’t want to be around people of ignorant thought. I’d rather learn and share. It’s a journey to explore all of this, for sure!

I don’t believe evolution is a positive thing. If we carry on thinking this way we will soon be replaced by robots. And if evolution is real, thanks a lot for what you’ve done for extinction. UTTERLY SHAMEFUL !!!!

Is this what you really want? I know I don’t!

We need to use technology to delegate the new way. There’s people out there making real videos about facts that can no-longer be ignored. They need their voice and we want it NOW! Nature needs that voice and can work perfectly with technology and I am only just realising this. I dream about nature and it’s hidden mysteries. It drives my passion tenfold.

There’s many a genius at work. They’re quiet people. They care not for media or bravado. But we have to watch out for these messengers. They’re everywhere. We could be in a supermarket or waking in a park. These signs, symbols and small moments will find us. We should not use our brains to ponder but to be ready and awake so that consciousness can lead the way ahead. Small steps … We need to set up a framework, a membrane of sharing the work of wise. They’re with us. Here’s the video that found its way to me. Please watch. Take your time and enjoy it. It’s amazing.

To be continued …

Tiffany Belle Harper.

5 thoughts on “Ancient Knowledge #Video #Consciousness #SpiritualScience

    1. This one is just amazing. Doesn’t even challenge the awake mind. It reassuringly tells us we are on the path of oneness. You are awake. It’s lovely to hear from you. I pray to meet you one day. I don’t ask for much but I’d say meeting you and your family is high up there. I love you my friend. Have a lovely weekend. You’ve been there for me when I felt like life was not worth living. I’d had enough a few months ago. I’ve a handful of sacred friends that love me as much as I them and two of them are my sons. Sorry this is long winded. I feel so at one today. X

      1. Smiling. I feel peace in my heart as well. Yes, someday I hope to travel to your side of the world. And there is nothing I would like more than to meet you. Be well. Love you.

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