Do you Judge Poverty? Be ASHAMED by Tiffany Belle Harper

A reminder to financially stable people. You may not be happy, content. Perhaps you’re left asking questions? But let me tell you this, you have choice and you have no right whatsoever to judge those less fortunate.

There are people living on the streets who have fought for your country. There are shamans, former priests and teenagers who sell their bodies just to eat.


So don’t tell me they should do yoga and meditate. The last thing on their mind is well-being. They’re just looking for somewhere warm and a place they can call home. Albeit a shed or a tent.

So  if you lead a ‘more’ privileged lifestyle, stop and think before you put your big ideas on to those who do not have choice.

So to those for ‘today’  who don’t have what others take for granted. Cherish your dreams, let help find you and may your hearts not harden to this cruel society, where you’ve been shamelessly cast aside by the pompous and arrogant.

Life to me is now so divided I feel dismayed. We have the ‘comfortable’ full of ways they ‘say’ they could change the world. And those with no voice who ‘in too many cases’ suffer through no fault of their own, at the hands of greed, ego and inconsideration. May we never fall so far away from reality that we become a dictionary as opposed to hands that heal.

Yes, the world’s biggest ‘fuck ups’ are based on assumptions. A break down in communication and lack of empathy for the facts. A web of social media debate that may well serve for a common knowledge but does little for a bowl of porridge to the hungry right now. We’ve become a lazy ‘talking’ society. There’s too few healers and rescuers. Too many thrill seekers – yet not enough action. So many ‘talking’ heroes who do fuck all. This abhorable hierarchy of utter rubbish that fills our day with babble without any ‘actual’ solution.

Don’t lose touch with those in need. Consciousness is not yoga and meditation ‘alone.’ It’s love and if we all did a bit more of it, we’d have balance for all, without exception. I’m out there now, helping. Talk is cheap. The world is truly fucked. There’s kids living in sewers in Brazil. Get off your back sides and do something. Discussion is not the ‘only’ solution. Get your hands dirty. Get out in to your communities and help out.

There’s a thin line between letting go of financial burden and destitution. People are ‘dying’ to find work to support their families. Whether we like it, or not, sadly, lack of money kills. 

There’s empty fucking fields, most of the UK is green! We have wooden cabins, portable cabins, shipping containers and tents. Yet the red tape means we are unable to erect dwellings for the destitute. What are we going to do about this?

We have stock piles of food going in to landfill for the namesake of certain charities who take but do not deliver.

I’d like to say we could all sit in pretty gardens swaying in the wind as we chant affirmations to our universe, then everything would be ok. But it doesn’t work like that. There’s people committing suicide rather than face life on the streets. It is about self improvement. Yes to meditate, stay well, keep fit, but only when we are able to life with dignity. Being awake, meeting ‘true’ consciousness is to know that we should heal others who cannot hear us. Are we doing that?

Here’s to those who suffer today.’Many’ without iphones, the internet or a drop in centre that isn’t over burdened. They’re invisible.


Tiffany Belle Harper.

11 thoughts on “Do you Judge Poverty? Be ASHAMED by Tiffany Belle Harper

  1. No one should judge poverty. You never know when it could be your turn to walk in those shoes. Great post. Actually, it is incredible you posted this today when I posted a story about my own struggles in life.

    When you have a chance please take a peek. I always had great jobs, well paying and with perks, then one day I faced homelessness. One never knows about tomorrow. So, no one should judge poverty. xoxo

    1. Andrew – thank you for sharing this. We make our greatest friends through our hardest times. We discover who the real people are and the ones that don’t matter. The fakeness of our ‘intimate’ worlds. You know … I think Allie is your flame and Goddess. Bless you both. X

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