‘Fame Misplaced’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

Fame – often a misconstrued word. Where mainstream fame can become a defect to personal goals.

A dad’s version of fame – could be to be adored by his children.

A shopkeepers idea of fame may be to have the nicest bread.

As long as our perception of fame is for the benefit of others or to expand our own creative expression, we can all be ‘fame.’ Whether we are story makers, fortune tellers or mishaps of justice. Fame can be regarded as a sense of goodness.

But when fame becomes deformed, for only self-gratification – we go wrong. We seek only the approval of strangers. We become disoriented with our community and we forsake the true originality of what it is we loved in the first instance.

We should never fear having a voice if we come from a place of sincerity for our life purpose. To not fear bearing the fruit of our truth from a place of love.

If life has taught me one thing, never give the wrong man a microphone.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

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