#Homeless – Hungry – Mentally and Physically Unwell – Meet John #Poverty #HomelessUK

This is John whom I met last year. I had reservations about posting this video as my main concern was to help John. Yet, sadly after a year no further contact was made- I’ve decided to use this footage to help others in the same position.

So … we’ve left the EU. Surely we need to use some of the additional funds now with the UK to ensure every UK Citizen with a British Passport has food and shelter. No person should be living outdoors like this. John is unwell. He needed medical attention and respite, not to be travelling the length of the UK for work without money for transportation, food and a place to sleep.

I had not met John previous to making this video and cannot endorse the accuracy of the information. But it is clear to me, John was doing all he could to improve his circumstances. Cold, frail, walking on to the M1 in the rain with no idea where his next help would come from.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

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