A Little Gem #Gardening #Garden #Patio #Upcyle #Recycle

Making good of outdoor space is such a great form of relaxation. Here’s a small garden area created by my son whom is a landscape gardener. He’s taken a corner of his space and lovingly crafted an eclectic mix of nostalgic artifact with ferns, rainbow stones, fossils and annual flowers. The area will be green all year round with a variety of shrubs and florals to give vitality each month of the year. There’s not a lot of cost to this but it takes time.

Patio Garden
Patio Garden – Rainbow Rocks – Fossils and Ferns

Also you will see a porcelain BBQ. These are great for cooking all year round. They stay warm for hours longer. Fabulous to sit around when there’s a nip in the air and they save on fossil fuels and energy bills.

Patio Garden

My son’s also added a small pergola and herringbone patio area. The majority of the garden is laid to decking as it was a pub garden in its former life. He’s used old dolly tubs and water tanks to plant up oriental trees.

The icing is the high wall he’s expanded using sourced – up cycled bricks to remain in keeping with the existing wall. He did this himself having no previous experience of brick laying.


It would be fair to say – I’m so proud of ‘all’ my precious family.

Tiffany Belle Harper (mum) X

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