Kirkstall Art Trail 2016 #Leeds 16th – 17th July

I will be writing a full feature about the Kirkstall Art Trail soon. But wanted to get some photographs to you as promised. I Tried to cover most of the Art Trail although didn’t manage much of it. Vast, just packed full of activity… So much going on, so many fabulous people to talk with. Such a glorious weekend. I’ve made friends for life.

My area was St Stephen’s Church community garden. A charming spot. Thanks to everyone who dropped by. Couldn’t have been with lovelier people – Aire Place Studios and The Perky Painter (more coming soon.)

Planned new workshops for my group. Plus made introduction with some amazing community inspired causes and organisations. I will bring more about this over the coming days. Amy, Hayley and the team who master minded the Kirkstall Art Trail 2016 should be very proud. So many gifted artists. I am hoping to do more with the community of Kirkstall. I’ll let you know.

Please use any images. All photographs, the public and parents agreed I could use them.  If for any reason you would like images removed from my blog please email me at Please put a link back to my blog, I’d be really grateful.

 I’ve some great show cases of artists and community projects coming soon.

Hello to Chloe and Sara, it was a pleasure to meet you towards the end of the day and I look forward to Aire Place Studios on Friday and to see Sarah and Sophie once more. The start of a new  journey, I feel … We have this sort of tribe inspired collective of amazing people forming between us. How exciting …!

Going for a glass of wine now … chin-chin!

Tiffany x

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