Zanne Brookks over Rainbow Bridge

I am in receipt of sad news.

RIP Zanne Brookks.

Shot in the face by her partner.

Zanne Brookks – A campaigner, animal lover and kind hearted person.


I light a candle and may the plight against animal cruelty continue in your memory.

A combination of a gun and domestic violence have taken an Angel before her time.

Shine Like the Diamond you are sweetheart. Love Never Dies. We know that.

Both Zanne and Mary (her dog above) are across Rainbow Bridge.

Tiffany. X

7 thoughts on “Zanne Brookks over Rainbow Bridge

      1. Thank Tiffany.
        Yes, we had a fine couple of days, going out and indulging just a bit.
        My birthday was typical US, we went for a long walk in a local country park, popped back into its restaurant/shop to buy some little things to send to the grandsons and also came out with a pile of books we found in their fundraiser bin!
        Take care & best wishes

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  1. It’s a big loss to our animal advocating community 😥
    I met her on twitter by advocating death row pets, what a lovely woman so full of a deep loving soul. To know about her cruelly end is devastating.
    Dear Zanne, I will miss you deeply RIP and run with all of our beloved passed pets of death row.

    Celebrating her huge advocating to pets

    My deepest sympathy to her friends and family and her beloved pets


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