Setting: Anchoring the Reader #GuestBlog #WritingTips

Some great tips for budding writers here …

Corey Truax

kiss from a prince.gif Pro-tip, don’t kiss people who are passed out.

We all like to think whoever picks up our book isn’t going to put it down.  Our hope is they sit there in a vegetative state absorbing the words, until like a kiss from a prince/princess, the words, “The End,” release them from the spell.

Unfortunately, readers need food, water, bathroom breaks, and sleep.  Sleep is the tricky one.  If they grab a snack, take a tinkle, or get some water – they come right back to the book.  But sleep, well sleep ruins everything.

reading before bed.jpgI know if I’m reading before bed, I try my best to make it to the end of the chapter.  Even if it’s not bedtime, I try to make it to the end of the chapter before I put the book down.  The reason is somewhat obvious, I don’t want to start reading in the middle…

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