Assignments Ahead by Tiffany Belle Harper

This is just a teaser of what I’ve got coming up these coming days. I can’t go in to much detail with the first as I am yet to establish the entire situation.

The Holywell in Southam is a place I find my peace.

Plans have been passed to build a small housing development on the holy land. Now, whether you are religious or not, this land is full of history dating back to the doomsday book. Tomorrow there is a vigil taking place in Southam from 7pm til Midnight. Where residents of Southam will be lighting candles and meditating, praying sending out positive affirmations that the sacred land may be saved. It’s not ‘solely’ a religious gathering. All are welcome.

For my healing friends please can you light a candle for us tomorrow evening from 7 til midnight. I’d love that ….

I am going along to get involved and dig deeper. I want to establish how this has come about and who I can speak with to try and represent the people of Southam. I really don’t like to see any of our countryside get ripped apart when there’s already run down areas that could be re-developed. Eye sores, neglected industrial estates that could be brought back to life.

Then I am returning to visit Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary for which I am very excited. They’re friends as well as rescuers/volunteers. I adore to be with the animals to include foxes, snakes, owls, a deer and his best friend a turkey. Yes they’re a mixed bunch !! I have added my previous blog to the bottom of this page. I am fundraising for the sanctuary and Wetnose Animal Aid.


Finally thanks for those concerned about my son’s predicament with regards to the treatment he is receiving from Warwick District Council. Refusing to acknowledge my attempts to inform them the property he owns is not a pub – it is now a shell awaiting renovation. They’re in the wrong, yet this is not a battle of wits. It should be a case of them doing what is right for the public they are supposed to represent. I will get there, I am sure.

Chris White MP has sent a reply and we are ‘hopefully’ meeting next week. I am so pleased he has made contact. Furthermore a couple of local newspapers want to speak with me. I am equally happy about this. So there are good people out there, willing to help. I think the story has shocked many. It’s the first struggle I’ve ever had with a council and I have a feeling not the last, as this has opened up debate where thousands of others could ‘potentially’ be experiencing the same as my son.

On a positive note, my son is selling the house. It’s been valued substantially higher than what he’s paid. He can move on, make a fresh start and get on with his life. He has the Midas touch and whatever he will do, I am sure will be a success. Some things are sent to try us and we’ve both come away wiser. He can take this experience with him.

I’ve been invited to review some nice places so I will be writing more over at ‘Elegant Hippy’ it’s a little hobby really as I just enjoy sitting in cafe windows with my notebook. I have other things going on so it will be a part-time thing. I am supposed to be writing my book but I feel lack-luster. Trying to find my mojo for that.

Really looking forward to meeting the residents of Southam tomorrow. Great to be invited. I hope I can be of some assistance. Right, my supper has just arrived. I will be logging off.

More about Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary

Tiffany. X


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