‘Shed Nest’ inspired by the ghost of Roald Dahl

I’ve spent much of my life  ‘alone’ by choice. I can be hugely sociable. I love to ‘above all else’ laugh … which would be my primary reason for seeking company.

But these days I am ‘constantly’ surrounded by people and am starting to feel ‘lost’ due to not having the ‘me’ time I was used to …

So I am taking a few hours to build a nest type environment in a shed … It’s a long story. Yes, I am going incognito and wish to hide so I can write my book and some reviews I have for stuff I like. Sometimes people say ‘think big’ … but what is the point for a person who likes being small.

Did you know one of my icon’s ‘Roald Dahl‘ created a whole world from a shed? So today I think I shall talk with his ghost!

Incidentally, please note – Roald has used a horizontal tray/plank running parallel with the arms of his chair. This is a great ‘quick fix’ to create an ideal desk. #DoingItNow

Tiffany X.

8 thoughts on “‘Shed Nest’ inspired by the ghost of Roald Dahl

  1. The solitary world has inspired minds to come up with ‘big ideas’ that changed the world. Being alone, a free thinker embraces the world; and that small place can be an institution where future ideas will be birthed.

      1. And I send you a big hug and lots of love. I know you have lots of ideas in your head which needs to be expressed, and I support you in that endeavor all the way. 🙂

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