Thank you to Warwick District Council and Chris White MP.

If any of you recall my recent blog about my son’s property in Leamington Spa where he bought a pub and began turning it back to a home on a residential street. Progress has been made.

Chris White MP for Leamington Spa did make contact with my son and was very helpful. I show no political bias when it comes to those I love. I simply wish to get things done. I would like to thank Chris White MP.

However, the UK Gov Planning Office have not been so helpful and have asked me to remove names from my blog. My answer NO. A resolute NO! Why should I retain information that has caused my son to sell his home and fall into huge billing cycles with Warwick District Council. £190 per week for a pub when the place is a shell awaiting refurbishment. I am sorry but my family come first not the ego of some person who did not do his job properly. This ruins lives Sir so wake up! My family are the epicentre of my entire existence, not your lack of empathy to my son’s future. People are not numbers and stats, they have feelings and this has an effect on those that love them!

Secondly, regarding a different matter that gave me the final desire to withdraw from saving lives of animals via online means – I will not feel under pressure to alter my free opinion because a fame-obsessed ego-driven celebrity mess has got his reputation dented on a platform that has better things to focus on – like world peace. I say it again – you know who you are. You’re not very intelligent, are you?

I am not a trouble causer I am a light worker and I yearn for a fair society. This is not a crime! I am pleased to learn that blogging has input. Despite what people may think about an openly creative community. Walls have ears, don’t they. We don’t need the mainstream rubbish to be heard. We are able to create our own truth. And if we come from a place of love and fairness, then that’s a bonus.

And I do often wonder if time travel is proven or advanced in the future, how good people would come back and change this awful world we’re living in. There you go, science, anything is prone to change. So those who spread only hate, angst and insight war both verbally and/or phsycially – you could be your own history one day. Not a good example. So we beg to question is death resolute in ways some of you assume. We could indeed, return to make amends. Karma. Believe me,  you can’t hide from it.

Tiffany Belle Harper.



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