To Polka Dot Crafts from Pat (Tiffany’s Mum)

A while ago, I noticed a lady tweeting about a really attractive needle craft wall hanging that she’d lovingly made. I commissioned having a second – purchasing both for my Mum. It just so happened they were exactly the type of thing I knew she would love.


She’s delighted and asked me to thank Polka Dot Crafts.

Dear Polka Dot Crafts, 

I love the pictures Tiffany had made for my birthday. I don’t want to frame them, they’re just lovely as they are and I’ve already put them up in my bedroom. I want to thank you. I’d like to order some for Christmas gifts too. Here’s the photographs of my birthday. 

Love Mum xxx


Polka Dot offer handcrafted decorative items, gifts and cards, made with a sprinkle of love. The pictures here do no justice. The detail  in each one is so beautifully portraying a little nook of  sand, sea and flowers. Clearly made with love. Such good value for money too.

Polka Dot Crafts Facebook 


Tiffany Belle Harper