From Amsterdam to Leeds no cat? #TravelBlog sort of

Just got back to Leeds after a while on adventures. I’ve missed my pets. Foley my eldest dog is 21 at xmas. I worry he will be unwell whilst I am away. I shan’t be leaving the UK now for a while. They need me here too much.

My son’s neighbour ‘John’ looked after the cats. He’s almost 80 and puts the entire streets bins out each week then puts them away when the dustmen have been. He’s such a character. He cycles everywhere and goes into Leeds centre each day to collect free papers for the neighbours too. I do my bit by cooking him dinner but I’m not sure whether he just pretends to like it. In any case, it’s the thought that counts.

I know some intriguing characters in Leeds. I will be honest, It feels more like home than anywhere. For the first few years of living here I didn’t do much but I’ve been catching up with the area. Yorkshire is just beautiful. The people are so friendly and there’s many eccentrics, right up my street. The focus in Leeds being art and culture. It’s a rapidly expanding hub of artistry and innovation. No wonder so many are relocating.

Anyway, on getting to my son’s John was flustered in the kitchen. We’d only one cat. Tiger Ginger but no Chief? I didn’t want to make John furtherly anxious so tried to hide my panic. We drove around all the streets calling his name. Repeatedly searched the house. I thought the worst. He must of ran off when John came in to feed them? Perhaps thinking I’d abandoned him poor Chief … A house cat not used to the outdoors to include the busiest street in Yorkshire just a stones throw away.

Couple of hours later I tried to talk with my son about coping with loss. That we must accept he may not come home. He adores the cats. Then suddenly Chief appeared from beneath my bed. We’d checked there several times. In fact every hole, nook and cranny.

Good ending, all pets in one place. Phew …

I’m going home later to get on with life and plan for 2017. Got some wonderful pictures I’ve taken for commissions etc. Written a few bits about Amsterdam. It’s very Jack Kerouac, both in layout and visualisation. So going to try turn it into something more crafty in the near future.

I write and imagine better when I am out and about. It invigorates me. I love culture, quaint or funky. Nostalgia to modernistic. I don’t like it when people press to give a piece of art or thought a specific. It doesn’t matter. It’s about the taking part. The expression and will to convey not the label. Forget snobbery in the working day life. I think each of us should use a little time to set up a blog or vlog. To take photographs or find out what’s new in the community and show snippets.

I’m tough on myself. I look at where I can improve and am not ashamed to share my short falls openly. I also welcome constructive criticism. I realise I became complacent, I wasn’t writing enough or sharing my journeys. But it matters and we should. We can build new webs and weaves if we share our experiences, no matter how small we may think they are. It’s a case of keep going. To do the things we enjoy for they are our natural hobbies. Our blueprints that should be left behind.

My next adventure will be a return to London for a few days towards the end of the year. It’s part of my ancestry. I love The Thames and back alleys.

So … later today will be some bits about Amsterdam.

Yes, I did visit The Bansky exhibition in museum square. I didn’t take photographs. It’s too precious. Sometimes we have to keep a little bit back to cherish those we admire in a personal way. I’d say, if you’re curious, go see it yourself. It’s worth the journey. Yet, I’m glad so many are creating videos of his work on YouTube to show others. I should think he would be grateful too.

I have a small site named Elegant Hippy where a couple of great people help out. I’ve neglected it. I am going to put some bits on there later. Thank you.

Finally, I’ve had a lot of emails asking where I am on Twitter. I left of my own free will. I was disgusted that discussions had taken place where I had been told to silence my opinion via innocent 3rd parties. I will not tolerate such violation of free speech. It’s both hypocritical, bombastic and suggestive that those with more cash should predetermine freedom using their social media status. Fuck that. It’s too pathetic to detail, but I will when I have time just to give some great friends the explanation they deserve as many rescues relied on what I did for them.

I’m still out there! Watch this space. But it’s about prioritising our own needs first. It’s not a case of ‘if’ but more so ‘when.’ I despise injustice. Time is but a mere transition. Karma … has no limits.

I’m off to sort my photographs out now, see you later and thanks for nice messages 🙂