‘Find peace in exile’ by Tiffany Belle Harper #Poem

Resentment – hate – jealousy – rivalry – deception – exile,

delight all that drive our alignment apart – our test ‘as one’.

Darling we are ambiguous, boundless, infinite, no crime denies love.

Never forebode, for this exile is but a virtual place til we return.

Together we unite with gravitation, mystery, trusting only magic,

for love shows no deception – our hearts entwine – souls spark.

The seeds of change lie within each of us – we are ‘our’ journey.

One journey – ‘this journey’ – a voyage of eternal permanence.

Varying stages on many platforms … together – one elusive journey…

Remember us – those who conflict – pity those – they are weak.

Circles set in waves of endless discovery governed only by trust.

Tiffany Belle Harper

(Billie Holiday is one of my favourite vocalists)