The Tiniest Cutest Gadget ever! Drift Stealth 2 -Action Camera (instructions) help!

mera 003.JPG

I recently went away and broke my video camera. It wasn’t worth much so no big drama. I don’t spend a lot of money on gadgets as I’d only lose or break them. Half the time they’re in a tent with me (if I’m at an event or feeling reclusive) so it’s foolish to carry around expensive hardware.


I was going to buy a camera with a big fluffy microphone and a super duper lens etc but then thought ‘what’s the point, it’s only a hobby?’

So I went with my heart and got this diddy little thing. A Drift Stealth 2 video camera. It’s about 3″ long. Tiny !! I can strap it on my head too !! lol. Going on adventures. But first I must learn how to do this. Apparently, I have to unscrew the base to add the HD Card. This could be fiddlier than I first thought? A YouTube job next. Ah!

Tiffy x