Call out for young people to get involved with kind animal causes. Can you draw, paint or make posters?

I hope your week is going well? I am looking for aspiring artists to make posters for smaller rescues and causes in the UK.

Ideal for school people and students. I am not specifically seeking graphic design but also nice pictures of cats, dogs, hedgehogs, tortoises, snakes, fish or any of your favorite animals. I can then use them for posters.


Or maybe you have a strong message such as ‘ be nice to animals.’ I really would love to hear from you. I have added the Oggles Hoggy Rescue logo to show you a great example created by Vicky the founder’s partners daughter. Something like this would be ideal.

And here’s my nieces who are scribbling away.


Perhaps makes it Christmas themed or something about your community!

There’s lots of rescues that could use your help and I can bring this together so please share and tell your friends. For children aged under 11 please ask  your parents first as the internet is not always the safest place. You can find me on Twitter here @tiffybharper tweet me or send me an email. Remember to ask your parents or guardian first. I would love see your pictures and posters. Please note if the pictures are hand sketched on to paper they will need to be scanned and sent by email attachment or photographed and linked to FB or a tweet.

Tiffy X.

5 thoughts on “Call out for young people to get involved with kind animal causes. Can you draw, paint or make posters?

      1. That’s darn great!
        We’re you saying the camera was rubbish or your filming? 😉
        Both were great!

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