How I feel regarding Trump and Angry People

Sorry to complain but I have to get this off my chest. I live in the UK. So things are ‘perhaps’ different here to other countries?

All countries (states/regions) are diametric. We may have varied cuisine, TV channels and favourite bands, groups, authors and community projects. That’s life. That’s what makes us enjoy exchanges – so that we may learn from culture and variety. (Not to forget those suffering war, poverty and destitution around the world).

Then there’s mainstream media we tend to share together (often forced upon us.) Mostly lies and deceit – agenda and biased opinion. Yet spiritually I believe we are one, to include nature – the animal kingdom. It can be cruel … nature has its own way. We don’t need to mess with it.

I don’t know anything much at all about American politics. I do watch a lot of YouTube channels and am fascinated by conspiracy theories. I like to quietly absorb and learn from all of the different subjects – ‘freedom’ of expression and speech. I even have a go at uploading a few myself to my personal YouTube channel. Not to get ‘necessarily’ noticed, but more to record moments in my life. Not just for me, but also my friends and family.

I know Donald Trump lets his mouth run away with things. He is after all, a Gemini (like myself) and we can tend to waffle on especially under pressure. Yet, Donald Trump has said some terrible things. But until he is in power we do not know what his actions will be? There is widespread hysteria at the moment – not helped, by mainstream media spreading fear. This kind of thing causes riotous behaviour and maybe even death. Often meddlesome opinions with their own agenda.

We have to remember that Donald Trump will be a front man for a  political party where there will ‘probably’ be dozens of others advising him. He’ll be wearing an ear piece when he make speeches. It will be strategic.

I didn’t want Trump to win the election as much as I felt that for almost 25 years the USA has been dominated by Bush and Clinton politics. Then Obama. There’s good and bad in all of them. But sometimes we need change. Yet that change should not incorporate fear, exclusion, racism or sexist remarks. On the other hand ‘some’ comedians/entertainers think it’s ok to do the same? Where do we draw the boundaries with high profiles in society? Not forgetting that 99% of people behave as sheep – in that they need to follow a hierarchy. Anyone given that type of power can do enormous damage.

We have to remember that if Hillary Clinton got into office, we can only ‘assume’ how she would run the country? She is ‘after all’ far from perfect. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

People are ‘already’ panicking and attacking each other. This worries me. Actions speak louder than words and people need to think for themselves and not attach energy to negativity. When all of this is going on, it makes me look inwardly to myself. To know that I am responsible for my own happiness. That I am fortunate enough to be able to choose who I have in my life, what I look at and what I enjoy.

I worry that all of this hysteria and pre-meditated disappointment may cause more disaster than Trump himself. I am not defending him. But I certainly don’t hate him – I’ve not got to know his effect. When I do, I will make my own judgment based on this.

People need to calm down. To trust in the universe. To trust in karmic law and avoid an impaired self-fulfilled prophecy. It is all very well digging up quotes from the past and using them to the detriment of the future. We all say things we regret but we move on from this.

I sincerely hope Trump has learned by his mistakes and has the objective to work with the people and use his position to improve the current climate. He is ‘indeed’ on a learning curve. I am without bias. Like I say, neither Trump nor Clinton are suitable for power, for so many reasons. Yet we must also be aware that change is inevitable.

I just hope Donald Trump uses the next four years to prove the haters wrong. He will have a very tough job if he does not listen to the people.

I just want people to stop being wicked to one another on every level.

The above is what I think.  This is my personal blog space and I want to express how I feel.

I just hope Trump gets the right advice, does the right thing on a universal level and thinks before he speaks. I want this hatred to stop. I hope mainstream media and sensationalists calm down and stop stirring up trouble.

There are a handful of prolific speakers in the UK that inspire me. They know who they are. I stick close to their views. No need for names. This isn’t about them. They’ve said their piece on the Trump matter and moved on with their business.

I send so much love to this epidemic of confusion – fear and turmoil. With all change comes fear. Some deal with it better than others. My advice is to get on with our own crafts and qualities and avoid running to the flames of chaos.

Power – Greed and Ego are our only enemy. It is the detriment of our planet. No individual is responsible ‘alone’, it’s a virus. I speak with no malice, the outcome of civilisation will be a battle between love and hate. It’s that simple. Attention goes where energy flows. Stay with the light.

~namaste – peace ~ Tiffany.

4 Comments on “How I feel regarding Trump and Angry People”

    • Thank you. We have to be more tolerant. I worry that sensationalists are created a war ahead of forecast. I am not political but I don’t want anyone to feel afraid. We all have to do our bit. Too much hate – we need more love. Thank you again for dropping by, it means a lot. X

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