Advice to Artists – please protect yourself.

For aspiring writers – story makers and scripters etc. My blog in general just waffles as I love to connect – communicate. However I used to put ideas online, etc. Whilst most people encourage one another and sincerely want the best – please don’t forget there are those out there, constantly scouting for material for their ‘already’ established voice.

Some (a small percentage) of higher earners live in ivory towers with no insight to real life and rely upon the web to source material. Please – if you have an original idea put a copyright notice on your blog or website. Protect yourself.

There’s so much room for fresh new talent in this world.

Success is a combination of love, originality and happiness. It is not to take others ideas and manifest them guised as something else. I’ve had one bad experience with one person and his partner (who revels in it). I’ve been around a few more years than most, so ‘one’ is a tiny stat. Nonetheless one wrong person in your audience could steal your dreams.

There’s copyright forms on the web you can alter to your own preference. You don’t have to necessarily pay for legal advice. Worth telling your creative friends too. Also writing forums can be helpful. Please copyright your idea not just your words. You will notice films and books that state in the credits ‘an idea based on’ or ‘an idea from’.

I once confided to someone a situation a friend was in – within a week he was announcing a film idea based on the same scenario. He had the money to see it though. That came before friendship. There’s been reference to names, situations in my personal circle laced in TV shows – based on my own hardship and revelation. My life with its ups and downs fed his audience. It’s been going on for years.

This man also mimics popular topics from real experts using not only an extensive PR and marketing team but his social media status. He knows who he is. A vile, disturbed – middle management berk that evolved through luck and a sense of sheer determination to tread on anyone who showed him kindness. Ironically enough he made his money when America copied him. Fortunately, he got paid.

To me it’s not money, it’s manners. I detest lies, deceit and insincerity. It makes me very protective of those I love to include my friends’ online. I just couldn’t live with myself if he did the same to you.

Please – protect your ideas but never stop sharing them.

Right, it’s a stunning day out there. Sunny with a cold wind. Cockrels on the farm next door being vocal. Two hounds waiting for adventure and I’m hungry for cake and tea. Time to find a little coffee shop by the river.

Tiffy. X

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