Tired, weekend lots of fun though. Trying to catch up. Plus a bit about David Walliams. #diary and #video

Hello – feel shattered today. Drove my father into Redditch. To kill time, went to a pub to use WiFi. It didn’t work – this was after I’d spent almost £10 on a sandwich – cup of tea and soft drink. It was the Washford Mill. Nice place though. Staff friendly. Although they weren’t overly bothered at me flapping about o2 wiFi which I found very disappointing.

Pub to myself as below.


I had a great weekend. Got a couple of videos to make for Elegant Hippy UK. Also going to do a feature about David Walliams. What a great person he is! So inspiring and not an ounce of ego or bravado about him. I did a short video about the event but it’s more arty than informative as I forgot my ‘main’ camera so used the software on my Olympus Pen. Most of it came out blurry as I was giggling so much, it looks like camera shake. But anyway, the real version is all on Facebook live where his team did a recording of the literary talk, viewed by folk around the world.


Children and adults alike, love him. He is fun and doesn’t take his work or ‘self’ too seriously. The emphasis being on ‘laughing’. Will post my feature on here, when I’ve written it up. Great turn out despite the UK weather being treacherous.


It’s hard for me juggling between work, then marketing. I hate the latter. It’s where I hit a stumbling block. I don’t like pushing myself. I do have help but they need content from me. It’s a vicious circle. I struggle to find time to document my adventures!

I’m finally going on a Barista training course. It’s not a legal term. The course is to teach me to make perfect coffee. A good investment for the future and my plans.

I was hoping to be back in Yorkshire by now but as there are a few snags to sort out here it will take a while longer. I just go with it …

I’ve been blasting on and off Twitter – it gives me a head spin so I just put out what is important then go off there. I want to write about a few of the animal causes I am behind and am going to get this done by the weekend.

Using Windows 10 on this PC. It’s got so many apps. I am a big believer in ‘if it ain’t broke – don’t try and fix it’. I was quite happy with Windows 7. I like folders – not ‘pages and pages’ of pre-determined organisation that take me ages to find stuff. Plus … now got an iPhone but neither ‘here nor there’ with it. Still prefer to keep it turned off.

Here’s my David Walliams video. I am learning to use my software so have tried out various techniques here. Was trying to hide the wobbly video work I did with vintage type effects. Quite like them. Plus I’ve some great photographs of Brinley place for my photography portfolio. It’s one of my fave haunts. I lose hours daydreaming there.

Here’s a link to a much better version on Facebook where you can see the full show of David Walliams at Symphony Hall.

Here’s another I like. I used to design, hire and sell mannequins so it’s fun for me to watch! Gangsta Granny is another of David Walliams books.

I am off to visit a very good friend in hospital now!

David Walliams books on Amazon

Tiffany Belle Harper.

oh and P.S. I know a lot of you love animals. The little hound at the end is his doggy named Bert. What a stunner!

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