I’m still here #diary latest news and video work for Elegant Hippy UK

Hello my friends. I’ve been quieter than normal of recent days due to a new learning curve. I absolutely love constructing short film and photography. Quite frankly, I could sit quietly piecing things together for the rest of my life. I thrive on taking pictures of towns, villages and cities. Not to mention nature and interesting people. It’s where I am most happy. Being outdoors with my camera. It’s romantic and invigorating, it’s my ‘wow’ factor!

Here’s my recent films below. I have tried so hard to get it right. If any of you would like a film made for your brands, please ask. I don’t have to put them on my YouTube pages we can remove our branding. We cover all topics that are sustainable. We can visit you or work with your own images. All contact is confidential.

I simply adore visiting intimate coffee shops, cafes’ and restaurants too! It’s where my imagination manifests most. I am a people watcher. I like to be a little fish in a big ocean. This is true … I often imagine I am invisible and have crossed the street to avoid speaking with someone I recognise. I prefer strangers … I love to learn from folk who roam freely, as I. Each has their own story.

I’ve been working on Elegant Hippy UK. It is a slow burner, there’s no rush and like all new things, it will take time to get the word out there as I don’t want to sit at a computer all day pushing away at it. Elegant Hippy UK will grow organically. I have to prioritise between getting the material together …the ‘bits’ I enjoy – combined with an ‘online’ presence. I don’t want to become an ‘office’ type geek and lose my spark for freedom. So, it’s about balance.

Technology makes things easier when we can automate bulletins etc. My favourite online past time has to be blogging though. I love to come here, to my space and add little scraps to treasure in time. Even more so, read blogs of others. I learn so much this way. My blog is a place where my friends and family can see what I am upto. I don’t call people as much as I should but I’ll always be right by your side if you need me.

Tiffany. X