Total Naughtiness – Yorkshire Fish and Chips! #Food #Photography

Yorkshire have what I believe to be the best Fish and Chips in the UK. They’re so fattening. Not cheap either, although many fish and chip shops do lunch deals. I paid around £6.50 to take away with a drink. But … it’s well worth it. I would say Fish and Chips are probably the most traditional English meal. They used to be served in newspaper, lined with grease proof paper. Sadly, now they tend to be in disposable cartons. The sauce is ‘curry’ a traditional accompaniment or there’s mushy peas to choose from – equally nice!

2011-01-01 00.00.00-153.jpg

Lights in Esholt – Yeadon – Yorkshire #Photography magical!

I’ve been out in the fresh air all day. To be honest it’s one of the best days of my life. Not for any particular reason to pin-point – other than I felt so happy. I’ve been here, there and everywhere of recent weeks – so, it was nice to get my dogs in the car and go out – destination unknown, to ‘just’ drive and stop off wherever the mood took me.

I’ve found yet more places of absolute beauty in Leeds and Yorkshire. I discovered the village where the UK soap series ‘Emmerdale Farm‘ used to be filmed. (Although, I dont’ watch soaps …) A place called ‘Esholt‘ on the edge of ‘Yeadon‘ (between Shipley and Guiseley). Less than half an hour from my house.

There was a lovely lady walking her dogs who took me round the village. Then I went off alone with my camera. Dogs in car, shattered after their huge run. ‘Bit of me time’, went into the church. Had a few private thoughts – at one. Going to make a little video about it.

But anyway, whilst in the grounds I noticed a red jar in a garden terrace – the sunlight just caught it. Words can’t describe how beautiful it was but I managed to capture it with my camera.


The strength of the sun had made the rest quite shady by lens view but on getting home I’ve managed to lift the light from the image I saw before me that was just so breathtaking. I didn’t take my actual video camera but used the recording software on my Olympus Pen that isn’t very good quality although the camera itself is my favourite thing. Just hope it’s picked up the colour as well as this photograph. Haven’t looked through the snips yet.


Going to add lots more pics to my photographic portfolio about the village and also a Japanese garden in Horsforth I often visit. It’s been a blissful day. Thank you nature for all your energy!

Tiffany Belle Harper