Wetnose Animal Aid Photo Competition for your Pets! By the fabulous Helen Turner of Anypaw Pet Boutique!

Not long now til Friday! Enter your pets photos on the Wetnose Animal Aid Photo Comp. You will be raising funds for smaller rescues around the UK. Christmas time is so difficult for the rescue centres that don’t get any media coverage or recognition. Many do not have time to use the web – due to working around the clock taking care of abandoned, unwanted and abused animals.


Furthermore, people are foolish enough to buy pets as presents. This just isn’t the right time of year to be handing life over as though it’s a board game or packet of sweets. Pets have feelings. Many end up dumped or in rescues or treated cruelly for the rest of their lives in unloving homes, not equipped to offer life long friendship. In worse case … given away free on sites then taken by dog fighters and used as bait. This is something we detest and must be stopped!

wnIt’s not just cats and dogs. Rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, gerbils. The list is endless. People even invest in exotic animals with no knowledge of how to take care of them. Volunteers are very busy at this time of year, so please let’s all join together and support Helen Turner of Anypaw Pet Boutique, raise crucial funds for Wetnose Animal Aid with this fun and friendly photo competition. You’re all winners. Every one of your pets is special. It’s the taking part that counts. There’s some great prizes and even rosettes that Helen had made especially. She’s a wonderful person that has put her heart and soul to this by helping the animals that need us most.


Our judges are all fantastic people who have or endorse rescues alongside you! We just want you to join in the fun today and please do your little bit for the rescues that will benefit from your time and kindness. Things like this are a great way to get festive and make new friends too! Let’s have some Xmas Fun for such a good and worthwhile cause. Lots of pets have been entered so far to include ponies and rabbits. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Below shows Fritton Owl Rescue in Norfolk and an Owl Wetnose have adopted!


Here’s one of our recent visits to Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary. We donate and provide any support they need from us. Sadly Roxy the fox passed over rainbow bridge this year age 16. She is sorely missed, but what a hero! It’s not a sad video and child friendly, showing the work we support.

Please use this link to enter your pets fabulous photographs don’t forget to tell your friends and share this post across your media accounts. Looking forward to all those photographs of your cherished pets.

Tiffany and volunteers on behalf of Wetnose Animal Aid Founder Andrea Gamby-Boulger.

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