2016 for me #diary disclosure – individuality

I’ve really enjoyed this year. Not for any ground breaking reason in particular. I’ve not achieved much. To be honest, very little at all. That’s probably why I’ve had a great time. I’ve done only what I want to do.

I’ve not worried about money. I can live on very little. I’ve not finished renovating. Yes, I’m surrounded by paint tins.

I’ve lost people and animals I love.

I’ve been attacked online time and time again by the same couple that attempted to silence my freedom of speech via a vulnerable third party. Years of constant jibes. How do they sleep at night?

Yet, I’ve really enjoyed myself … why?

Because I’ve realised that I can do what the fuck I want. I come from a place of love. Speak my truth. I never step on my friends. I support my family best I can. Yes I make mistakes. I sometimes put my foot in it. I can often be misunderstood. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am no spring chicken. I can wear a few extra pounds. I like to cook and I eat what I want. I do try to keep it healthy but I never count calories. 

Sometimes, I do stand in the mirror and think ‘oh gosh, look at me …’but then, I don’t want to be enslaved to vanity where being anything above a size zero is a crime. There are children who are sick in hospitals for fear of eating. 

I’ve supported causes with no expectations by return. Deciding it’s better to have a go than not bother at all. Less is more, I’ve no social expectations – it’s the taking part that matters most. Team work is paramount to get results – where change is inevitable.

This year, I’ve learned to enjoy my own company with no limitations. To not put my weaknesses or flaws on to other people. I used to rely on validation from others. I wanted to be liked. I would always give that extra mile with no balance. Not allowing myself to receive in return. Yet I’ve realised that we should reap what we sow.

It’s about give and take, for if we constantly give we can leave ourselves dried out like a wilting tulip amidst thriving weeds. With my ‘I don’t care what you think’ attitude – I’ve attracted other people with the same outlook. Realising that ‘free living’ spreads. I’ve even influenced a few others to be more outlandish.

I complain more now as well. It’s worth it. People need to be told if they’re ripping off the public.

To conclude – we are all entitled to abundance. There’s no ‘real’ pecking tree in life. What another person seems to have they’ll be lacking somewhere else. We’re all a mixed bunch. I suppose really what I am trying to say is that we should learn to grown freely in our space – becoming ‘ever more’colourful. To embrace our unique qualities and surround ourselves only with others that thrive with their own originality.

We can all be free together. Love is Everything! We can love everyone unconditionally. Whilst my preference is for the opposite sex in terms of attraction – I believe many people live in fear and denial. There’s too many unspoken rules in relationships where people feel unable to openly express their desires. Much of this derives from fear mongering spread through mainstream papers and media. It’s all rubbish. We write our own news. I’ve learned more through the blogging community than any babbling ‘how to’ book or ego driven throne could show me.

Music and my passions have been my closest allies for 2016. I’d rather be a wacky weirdo than enslaved to a life that clips my wings. Love is Everything!

Tiffany – December 2016.