The Boy in the Dress by ‘David Walliams’ #Book #Film

I am not sure whether my overseas friends can watch iplayer? Anyway, here’s a lovely story about self expression and freedom of choice. A long while ago I had a feature published about men and fashion that I want to dig out to post here. Will look for it. It’s fine for women to wear trouser suits, trainers and tracksuits with no problem. Yet why if a man wears a dress in public is he deemed a freak by ‘some’?

Different cultures around the world to include religious themes wear loose fitting clothes that incorporate a dress type ensemble with total acceptance. I feel ashamed to live in a stigmatised society. We are all able to choose how we wish to style our ‘self’ and this should never meet with fear or exclusion.

Please click the image to go there. I hope you can see it out of the UK. If not I will try to find it on YouTube.


There’s also a book to accompany this available via Amazon Here.

Tiffany X

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