Solstice 2016 – New beginnings for Travellers of #light

The solstice for lighter ways as we relinquish incubation of darkness for a new triad of celebration. A glorious manifestation that relies not on others but ‘self’ gratitude of harvests gathered with good intent.

Of joy and laughter we see nothing but light in all corners of our inner fears. We share the purity of our galactic gift to the highest in a mantra of peace for all who suffer more.

It’s time to travel to seek the unknown. To venture from our comfort zone – in mind as one.

For each of us know we are not alone – only fear isolates our passions. Yet it is fear that is one of our greatest teachers. For with this we find power to overcome dark as we dance naked in the moonlight amongst the lights of fairy wings, galore!


T x

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