Elf Chat (hiding, alone, eating)

Sometimes I feel guilty when I worry people. I’m always ok. I worry because some of my friends do very important jobs and if I worry, they worry and I don’t want that to happen.

I just always feel sad at Christmas when I see all the goodwill. I feel sad because it should be like that all year round. Sometimes I just tell myself I need to take some time out and re-charge my batteries. Thank God for tea, cake, toast and marmalade plus dogs as slippers and being loved, of course. I love everyone just as much. Less is more, it really is and people who go chasing whims never find peace.

I know I’m lucky but I suppose we all get fed up sometimes. It’s been a tough year but filled with lovely things too. I know this will be my dog’s last Christmas so I just want to do things for those less fortunate and spend time being quiet. I am not even seeing my family. Next year will be much better for everyone.


Love is Everything.

T x

6 thoughts on “Elf Chat (hiding, alone, eating)

      1. I read or heard somewhere, once or twice–we have to drop the broken glass before we can hold the diamonds…not quite sure how to do that or what it means.
        Something about vision. Something about letting go of the bad so there is room to hold the good…something like that.
        There you go, a bit less than two cents worth. 🙂

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