A New Year is almost here – thanks and ranting #2017

I hope that 2017 is a year to be inspired and to inspire. 2015 I became a reiki master. It’s been a long process. I took my reiki 1 in the year 2000. I’ve been working throughout 2016 manifesting the energy. It’s a pure non-intrusive multi-cultural form of natural resolve and healing that is practised throughout the world in many different origins.

2016 I spent much time procrastinating, self examining, inwardly exploring and manifesting my creativity.


I’ve come across some amazing energy out there. It is surprising how many others are able to work with synchronicity and the symbols that connect us with science alongside the divine.

There’s been much shift in earthly loss. Some of the most exceptional people are now on a parallel universe sharing their message of hope through sound and amplification. There is no wonder – as hate crimes sweep the planet – there always is balance. Let Hell not expand! We are in receipt of true Angels.

For 2017 I would like to see less greed and ego demanding a platform which is throwing attention to those in less in fortunate countries and areas who believe they must migrate to our supposedly ‘higher’ way of living. Believe me pilgrims the West and much of Earth is no place for a better life. Stay and be at one where you are. For you are probably better off in terms of awakening and enlightenment. This has no value and cannot be purchased.

I want to tribute my personal experience of 2016 to Richard Burgon and Jeremy Corbyn. It has nothing to do with politics. It’s much bigger than that. To Romana and Kris who are doing so much to progress the welfare of animals and to all the volunteers who have become such close friends in the real world. To the amazing people I speak with via my blogging community. Less is more. I am learning – thank you! It would be rude to mention specific names as there is no exception. There are poets and activists in Iraq, India, Pakistan, Japan. There are people uniting their passions as one all over the world! It’s just astounding. Art, graffiti, colour and crafts are just everywhere.

There are writers of fiction who are surpassing mainstream authors in their talents such as Lucy Brazier. I am so inspired. Words cannot say.

As for me, I’ve been like a squirrel hoarding acorns. I am writing. Also researching a new business model I have planned. Nothing ground-breaking but I do feel I need something more tangible to work with probably in Leeds and then London, also. Fingers crossed (clue … coffee …)

This blog is where I daydream. My day to day activity I seldom put online. We do have to keep a little back for our selves. I’d hate to become a blow piece of worthless information just to catch the flies. Snippets here and there keep it magical. The world is what we make it. The best bits are the participation, community and arts, the ‘real’ source of love. Then it’s great to hop online and spread the beauty.

We must try to get up, get dressed and walk with nature. Love is Everywhere!

”As for the UK. We can’t live in a system where people just walk into the country and not have a vocation. Where they expect to be given money for not contributing or wish to speak the British language. Sorry, I’m not sucking eggs – I tell the truth. I see this behaviour in my community and it angers me. There has to be a system where we are all contributors to our gains. Nobody should get something for nothing. There are skilled workers homeless on our streets. I’ve seen enough right wingers assuming they know best for situations they have not experienced first hand. A correct Border control system and Trade Unions are the way forward. I know this. 

I also believe ‘some’ women who have one child after another and openly boast it will bump up their benefits should be made to go to college. There are mum’s at work struggling to pay nursery fees who have much less coming in each month. What a shambles! How can any parent educate their child when they do not have or want life experience? One of my biggest pet hates is laziness. No excuse and zero tolerance in my opinion. And… that’s probably why I stay away from politics, I’d stir up trouble where it’s needed most. FUCK THE ESTABLISHMENT. Are we becoming a society of free-loaders? There seems to be two different extremes.

The common denominator is community, a hub where all collectives come together and get to know one another. We can teach each other our gifts and crafts and participate in a better society. On one hand we have the rich who believe they’re above the law (in many cases). The other  – we have scroungers who also believe they’re above the law. Then in the middle we have the victims. The people who slip through the web unnoticed. I also think that if the wealthy want offshore bank accounts they should get their bags and fuck off.

Furthermore, banks should be held accountable for the devastation they are causing to the population and prosecuted to the highest degree. And newspapers/mainstream outlets – who do not convey accurate news should have their title removed and be referred to as ‘comics’ with a fictional view point.

Finally, locking people up in institutions with no means of support or hope to make good of their lives, with access to Class A drugs and sporadic violence is not going to improve the future of any life. What a philistine attitude. Yes I agree, some people need to be removed from society to protect us. Yet there are folk in prison who didn’t pay their council tax. We need tiers of community service. What about sending certain offenders to the army so they can use their energy in better ways? Every one has a gift. 

(Gosh … I must have needed to get all that off my chest …)

Love is Everything!

Tiffany X.

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