Foody Me! Barista – Veggie Street Food

I’ve been working on ideas for street food. Something portable that allows me to move around with work. It’s fascinating. I am hoping to create a franchise but small steps.

Want something different and intriguing. Been cooking like crazy. Phew…

Will buy in cakes though, ‘locally produced’ as they are time consuming.

Going to stick with vegetarian theme of things and really fabulous coffee.

So excited nearly wetting myself! I was worrying as I was about to permanently secure a fixed base but pulled away from the idea. I’ve had a cafe in The Midlands and fear it will make me feel stuck in one place. With street food there’s festivals, colourful people and more variety and sparkle … I am going to have to be up at the crack of dawn though. Sigh … still, new adventures.

Hoping to get a new car next week too! I have had a few hiccups with mine. Am going for a hybrid. I suppose I should look at vans also. I will have to tow a trailer. However, I’ve lived in a caravan and travelled all the UK like a snail with her shell so a food trailer is childs’ play.

Tiff the Gnoshy!


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