Leaf Barks and Worry

Well, a very quick blog for memory lane. Foley is really good – sitting in the window barking at leaves. We’re off for a long walk soon and I am seeing my new car! I still have to sort out the one stuck at Evans Halshaw. They are going to get my wrath at some point, very publicly … blogging is fabulous. We don’t have the restraints or expectations as with other means of communication that take much longer to materialise.

My parents (still under siege by nature) are getting their house virtually rebuilt (there was a car in the lounge) so I am not going away until mid-week of next week but I will be exploring nature and cafes as from tomorrow. I cannot tell you how excited I am!

I woke up this morning with the mantra ‘nobody knows what any of us are doing’. My first thoughts of the day are usually correct. I think we are all looking for something to grasp. Life is what we make it. Love is Everything. Laughter is contagious. Finding pleasure in the weird and fantasy realms of our imagination.

I just don’t know what to do about all this hate in the world? I suppose sharing and caring, offering support. Making new friends, being a listening ear and spreading love is all we can do. One war finishes, another starts. I ask myself, ‘has life always been like this?’

Well, there’s good people everywhere. Staying focused on that helps.

Below is a photo of a tropical garden in Warwickshire. One of my favourite places.


Tiff. X

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