Does Money Tear us Apart? By Tiffany Belle Harper

I don’t think we should resent people who earn a higher living if they are contributors to progress for creating jobs and using their position to have a positive impact on today’s society.

However, I abhor corruption, lies and deceit. We do need a tiered community to create jobs and a better quality of life. Money does not make itself. I don’t want to attack people for being wealthy. I won’t go down that route. It’s down to the individual.

But, corporate wealth where the biggest companies in the world become increasingly powerful is worrying. With robot technology and decisions being made on our behalf that degrade human beings who are not of a certain ilk is nothing less than ethnic cleansing.

We can however, tell a person they can do well in life. They can build a property portfolio or be a film star. We all need aspirations. I write this as a mother. I want my sons to work hard and be happy.

Yet on the other hand a person like myself is not overly ambitious. Yes, I like nice things. Those who know me will understand I like a reliable car – I love interior design and architecture – yet, I have no desire to become a hardened business woman. I’ve been there, done that and I was a miserable workaholic.

On the other hand I have been destitute. It was just so awful. I am still scarred. I trusted the world. I thought everyone was nice. I was very wrong … There’s vultures out there waiting to exploit the vulnerable. That’s why I go out my way ever more so to help a victim of abuse or hate. I had bailiffs knocking the door with hooks to take my dogs – so they could enter a rented property and take my things. They’d knock my kitchen window – bang my doors. It nearly broke me and my youngest son – but we got through it.

Yet, I suppose it’s about balance – if someone is working hard, creating work for others and doing good things for causes – giving free time to charitable concerns – then, so be it. We need to look after our friends and family. To help where we can. Sharing makes the world go round.

I always imagine a big pot of money where those who have more, contribute with responsibility to those who have less. I believe everyone should be active with their time. Be it education, community projects and reputable charity work. But none of us should be exploited. Not the wealthy and certainly not the poor. We need to take care of one another.

In saying all the above ‘billionaire’ is comparable to greed. How could one person spend that amount in a lifetime? Money doesn’t need to sit in banks when there’s people starving all over the world.

One of my biggest hates are people who brag about their material possessions during such hard times for so many others. It’s time we showed a bit more respect to one another. I’ve friends with very little, leading humble lives. I’ve also friends who are financially comfortable. I define friendship by depth and compassion not cash.

My sons appreciate money. They were brought up by a single mum who had three jobs to keep us all going. I don’t want them to struggle like I have for most of my life.

Tiffany. X

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