My Friendship Week so far – Time Out #diary

Sitting here with a crumpet and coffee. Off to take doggies out shortly. Catching up with my blog. Having a nice week. Foley hound, mentioned in previous blogs is doing well – recovered after an operation where he had 10 teeth removed. Quite amazing, really!

Yesterday, met up with Kris, my lovely friend who is pioneering a new venture to raise funds for a much needed #Dogbus that will transport animals on deathrow to rescues around the UK. Long over due. She is a brave and dedicated woman and I have a lot of time for her. I am also slightly in love with ‘Alan’ her little dog that is hyperactive. He never stops and with that comes enormous intelligence. He fascinates me. Going to put a video of him online soon. Such a spesh boy! Hello Alan!

2011-01-01 00.00.00-311.jpg

I’m travelling around for a little while catching up with people and tying up lose ends.

Been campaigning for various causes too, mostly animal related but also to save the National Health Service in the UK. It’s not solely due to loving the animal kingdom but also the people that go with it. I’ve made the loveliest friends with volunteer work.

One huge problem with the world is ego. When we have a task or target and turn to a self harming activity of an overzealous amount of greed to win. When we forget what it is we are all about in the first instance. We can become embroiled in a competitive spirit that has no final destination. I always feel sad when I see people tumble down this road. Vindictiveness and spite have no reward – other, than instigate an unnecessary amount of stress and damage to our well-being and those around us. So many people need help but it is for them to turn to healers and get the right support. Nobody can be fixed it has to start with making a conscious decision to break stagnant cycles. Like I always say, ‘it starts with self’.

There are some fabulous new comers to the creative sector out there struggling to find their platform due to money and influence taking priority over skill. It is true – money buys most things but there’s no price to peace of mind. I’ve watched certain high earners buy top prizes using mainstream papers and competitions that are flawed with corruption. It sickens me. They pay to win then take the trophy. It is not fair to those with more talent and less finance. This goes right across the board within media. It has to stop. I wish I could find a way to bring it the forefront but sadly, money is power. How tragic. Never fear shouting against propaganda if your arguments are founded and without bias.Β 

I do not condone success. For I feel that if we are passionate about our crafts good things will come. This is measured by self satisfaction – not cheats and tricks. It is about enjoying the journey, feeling an inward sense of self worth and accomplishment that comes with authenticity and truth. You can’t bottle compassion or worth and it doesn’t cost a penny. It’s about the balance between receiving then giving back. And whilst many do this – the few that don’t – create such bad feeling amongst vulnerable third parties in our society.

It all starts at home, that is where our hearts are. We have to be comfortable and contented in our immediate surroundings. Harmony at home can be found in the simplest of things – the rest follows. Living alone is not a problem either. I’d rather be with ‘me’ than share with resentment.

When the weather is cold like this my thoughts for the homeless takes presidency over my sense of gratitude. I am thankful for a roof over my head. Most of us have a charitable shelter somewhere nearby. We can all do something to help. Actions speak louder than words. Even if that is donating a few pairs of socks or a sleeping bag. Not to mention animal rescues that are overburdened around the year. The smaller ones often having no media coverage whatsoever. They’re the ones that need us most. There’s plenty for us to find time for.

Moving on to brighter topics. Yesterday I made Kris (#Dogbus friend) pea and mint soup with coconut milk. She is a vegan so I carefully prepared something tasty for us both to enjoy. Putting recipe on later together with news of #Dogbus and how brilliant I want it to be for the animals.

Here’s Kris – She’s the most beautiful energy and spiritual depth. I’m really lucky. I know some lovely people. Good for the soul. It’s all that matters to me. Love – abundance and a sense of worth. Friendship is so important. None of us need be alone.


I’ve looked at photo’s of me this week. I get up, shower, throw on clothes then out the door. I am getting my hair done tomorrow … I do abandon myself at times. I feel happy with who I am but I am not sure others should be. I am a scruffy bugger. Yet, I am clean, tidy and have nice manners. So, there you go!

Tiffany X.


14 thoughts on “My Friendship Week so far – Time Out #diary

  1. Ah, Tiff – you have no idea how much I needed to read this post today! Sometimes things just come to you for a reason and your words here have really resonated with me, so thank you. I am pleased to hear that Foley is on the mend and I love all your pictures! I concur with being a scruffy bugger – clean and tidy I am, but groomed I most certainly am not! Here’s to all us scruffy buggers!

    1. I do believe I have the loveliest friends in the world Lucy and you are one of those people. Thank you. I think we are all feeling this way. Talked a lot this week. We are all the same deep down. Don’t be fooled by mainstream. It’s not a happy place. I say it again, you are so very talented.’ A lot more folk see you than you realise. Protect your work, your ideas. When you are ready to succeed further you will. Rejoice in your craft. You’re brill. I love your writing. It’s so quick witted and quintessentially british. Enjoy each step of your amazing journey.

      1. You really are so sweet! I feel humbled and privileged to be your friend. I have great faith in my creative work and know that with time and effort all will come good. I will protect it and work at it. In my personal life, I have just stepped away from an awful lot of negativity, bringing huge changes to my own life and the lives of those that I have had to leave behind. It has been painful but the right thing to do. I couldn’t help people who wouldn’t look to themselves first and that hurt, but such is life. I feel as if I am just taking the first steps of a brand new journey. Thank you so much x

      2. Lucy thanks for sharing this. The cycle you explain above is the ‘letting go’ process. It’s painful but we do all need to do this – as, new things find space to enter our lives. An example being a woman I met on Facebook I went to school with. She was living in the same house, had the same partner and worked in the same building. She was just as ‘catty/spiteful’ as our school days. Still gossiping, still resentful. I couldn’t bare to spend time in her company. There was no light in it. I am glad I moved away, I am glad I am still exploring. I am glad to have an open heart ready for whatever life has for better things. Thanks for inspiring me Lucy πŸ™‚ I really believe life is a FAB adventure. I try to go where the laughter is. Laughter- music – good food and imagination. Tick – Tick – Tickety Boo!

      3. I am pretty strong and making my through it okay – I know that better things await me and I have been surrounded by a lot of negativity and people holding me back, wanting to keep me ‘in my place’. But now is the time to continue my great adventure, just with a little less baggage and a little more wisdom πŸ™‚
        Laughter, music, good food and imagination – my favourite things! It doesn’t take much to make life great πŸ™‚

      4. I agree Lucy. Rely on no-one. You don’t need too and they don’t need to rely on us. Life is what we do for ‘self’. You have some marvellous things in store! You do! Great attitude – commendable. I love free thinkers. Rock it Girl !!! πŸ™‚

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