Charity Begins at Home – Are Tweeters the new Establishment and do they play God?

Well, I am sitting in the hairdresser’s getting my hair done. I’ve a colour on and being pampered, yet my mind is totally elsewhere. I really am quite disappointed with so many things right now.

Donald Trump is doing some very naughty things. I don’t particularly dislike him as he is a non-conformist and eccentric. Two attributes I find fascinating. Yet … he is making decisions that will make people suffer. We need peace and commitment to tackle the real issues in our world. Not a bloody wall! This is no super inflated LEGO game Mr Trump!

I am also so very angry about the ego on Twitter. I do have to use the platform to share animal causes close to my heart. Each time, I hit resistance, as there is a pecking order that for years I have complained about – where, whatever sector, be it human rights, animal rights or politics, people group together, becoming ignorant towards smaller campaigners. I am also aware of gossiping, back-stabbing and area based snobbery where many feel excluded from social circles. It’s wrong and it is spiteful. It is about ALL of the UK where social media campaigning for smaller causes and independent volunteers are concerned!

To the handful of Twitter accounts dominating the animal welfare platform:-

Hear the people who ‘currently’ have no voice. Please try to share news of the many volunteers doing wonderful things in addition to the world causes you currently address that of course need attention.

WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER SURELY! I think it’s really rude and detrimental to animal welfare to ignore these pleas. It takes seconds to re-tweet a bulletin.

I used to write for media and get paid but I have had to make sacrifices as it’s tiresome and time consuming, not to mention pathetically competitive. Yet it seems I have to find other portals to raise my concerns regarding the power ‘some’ celebrities and higher Twitter profiles have and abuse. They behave like Gods determining what is best news for their followers and have no training in these fields whatsoever. I never thought I would see the day when film makers, authors and artists were given so much authority – not mention an appalling over flow of hidden agenda.


There’s also people with Twitter accounts that have enormous followings – grouping together with the same heir-achy sharing only one another’s news. This pushes away grass roots. There’s a big gap in the middle that is leaving campaigners feeling down trodden and very frustrated, to include myself at times.

Not everyone needs or wants to be famous or glorified with an ‘us and them approach.’ So I urge those in higher public presence to be a bit more down to earth and less obsessed with popularity. Give others a chance – delegate and share. It’s about making this world we all live in a better place.

I do believe to a certain extent ‘charity’ begins at home and until we can form our own groups and communities in our own towns, villages and cities there is no unity. It’s not about sitting on our bums all day pressing buttons. It’s about getting involved and setting good examples for the next generation.

Sharing all that we are as a nation together. We’ve got to stop fighting one another and do more together. It’s not such a big effort to get out there and visit some of the causes that need our help. To take a few photographs or write a blog. To do something, anything but certainly not to solely use social media for all the wrong reasons. Good deeds with good intent have a knock on effect.

The UK is NOT all about London. We need to show others that we are united up and down the country. To also help our friends across the pond who feel alone and helpless with the same circumstances.

We need equality and fairness.

All animals are worthy of our support. Nobody should feel left behind and ‘sadly’ that’s what ego is best at. Alienation and power. It’s not good enough! If it doesn’t stop soon my next step will be to name and shame. I’d do anything to break this loop of the same people repeating the same cycle day in day out. There’s room for everyone.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

5 thoughts on “Charity Begins at Home – Are Tweeters the new Establishment and do they play God?

  1. Good points Tiffany.
    Some folk just love to herd.
    Your post reminded me that many years again Todd Rundgren wrote an incisive song called ‘I’m in the clique’.
    And brought back another memory being on a ‘discussion’ (Ha!) group in which one guy kept posting up ‘******* said/wrote…….’, leaving me thinking, ‘My goodness man (or words to that effect) have you ever had an original thought of your own?’
    All the best with your endeavours

    1. This is so true. There are the ‘few’ who build shiny incomes on the ideas of others. Yet, I doubt they sleep at night Roger. I am working on opening a new cafe this year and I hope you and your wife will come for lunch when complete. I would not take no for answer. Will email you when location is known. Tiffany.

      1. All the best with the venture Tiffany. We would love to come, but sadly my wife’s health is not at the best at present so travelling is a bit of a problem.
        Send me the location anyhow, it’s nice to know where folk are.

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