Twitter Gossiping #Saga

Just to update those who connect with me via the Twitter platform. I’ve several accounts to identify my different sites and interests. Two of which are run by volunteers. As a campaigner, fundraiser and business person – I have to divide my time to focus on the various aspects of my life – as many others do. For instance people give their pets accounts, create fan accounts, etc. I am no different. It’s a free society.

Tiffy Talk


UKRescueConnect (run by volunteers)

Tweets4Paws (run by volunteers)


I have no need to hide my opinion – I am no coward. I speak openly and I am free to use my voice as I wish just like everyone else and I will always put my name to any debate or opinion I hold. I am aware of gossiping once more. I feel very disappointed. Any issues that need to be raised please do not hesitate to email me personally using the contact form above. For those involved with this, it’s a pity you’ve nothing nicer to do with your time. There’s been much hate directed at me by the same couple for many years. It will never stop but I’m used to it now.

Save the NHS


9 Comments on “Twitter Gossiping #Saga”

  1. Just followed you on two of your twitter sites, goddess woman!
    Say, I pulled my novel from publication for now, as I have taken a different focus. That’s why you didn’t hear from me. I have two books of poetry and short stories coming out soon. The first will donate all its proceeds to art programs for at-risk youth in juvenile detention. The second is political satire in shorts and poems.

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