UKRescueConnect and Family Day #diary

Positive day of movement. I feel lighter weather on the way, although, we’re in for a few storms, variety is the spice of nature!

My eldest son bought a new car – he’s gone for a Skoda. There’s stigma attached to this make – but… really, if anyone is interested in a new car – you get all the high specs for a fraction of the price and the performance is highly rated. He’s having the Octavia. It’s done less than 25k miles, immaculate condition and around 8k cheaper than a brand new version. Tick – Tick – Tick! (I really embarrassed him in the showroom. I was a bit over-protective.) He’s also invested in his first juicer … and bought a load of fruit and vegetables. He promises he will change his diet!

Then … my youngest son has rented the first floor flat on his property. He’s a stunning landlord and really cares for his tenants. I am proud of his compassion. I am missing him and need to see him soon.

I was going to sell my home to buy a business. I am not, I shall keep my house and also have the business. This gives me stability. I feel really comfortable with my decision. I will still be visiting different regions of the UK as I will recruit a couple of people to help out with my little cafe/bisto when it’s all done.  Everything’s falling into place. Also, my sons may invest with me and I’ve had another couple of offers. But at this stage my focus is to do this alone. In the future as I expand out I will consider my options! Miss Stubborn here …

Finally … I am bringing news soon of a charity we adore in Leeds that support the homeless. We’ve a meeting on Monday, so let’s see what we can do. We will bring more shortly. I really want to get everyone involved to participate with helping the vulnerable in society. We will also be doing something more tangible for a London based charity for the homeless, in due course.

UkRescueConnect will help around 5 causes/appeals/charities at any one time. It’s something we’ll be doing in our spare time, as a means to give back to the hub of communities that do so much and need a bit of help. It’s about the cycle of giving, receiving and helping where we can. At this point we will be working mainly Friday’s and some time throughout weekends – purely as volunteers and all donations go directly to the causes.



We will be updating the UKRescueConnect blog soon with news for 2017 showing some of the causes that could do with your help. Thanks ever so much.

Tiffany and UKRescueConnect

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